Richard Dawkins No Longer Atheist

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Atheist Richard Dawkins Says
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There Might Be A God!

NOTICE: the following article is NOT from our regular Islam Newsroom reporters
However, chances are it could be at least 6.9% out of 7 - true.

None of us could believe it - Richard Dawkins, well known for his lack of belief and open critizism of religion in general and Christianity in particular, has now declared HE DOES BELIEVE - In "Something" - A God or Higher Power.

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'I can't be sure God DOES NOT exist': World's most notorious atheist Richard Dawkins admits he is in fact agnostic . . .

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Scholar Richard Dawkins, looks almost puzzeled as he contemplates the existance of a "Higher Power" (A.K.A. God or Allah) Now says He is Agnostic - not atheist. Also, Darwin Theory

But when Archbishop Dr Rowan Williams suggested that Professor Dawkins is often described as the world's most famous atheist, the geneticist responded: 'Not by me'.

He said: 'On a scale of seven, where one means I know he exists, and seven I know he doesn't, I call myself a six.'

Professor Dawkins also referred to his level of "belief" in a God to be only "6.9 out of 7". He also stated: 'That doesn't mean I'm absolutely confident, that I absolutely know, because I don't.'

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They were discussing 'The Nature of Human Beings and the Question of their Ultimate Origin' when Professor Dawkins admitted he was agnostic rather than an atheist

The two high-profile figures - debating whether Biblical writers 'got it wrong' by not saying that the universe is billions of years old.

The Archbishop said: 'The writers of the Bible, inspired as I believe they were, were not inspired to do 21st century physics, they were inspired to pass on to their readers what God wanted them to know."

'In the first book of the Bible is the basic information - the universe depends on God, humanity has a very distinctive role in that universe , and humanity has made rather a mess of it.'

But Professor Dawkins said he was 'baffled' by 'the way sophisticated theologians who know Adam and Eve never existed still keep talking about it'.

This latest admission by Professor Dawkins comes after he was left lost for words name the full title of his scientific hero’s most famous work during a radio discussion last week in which he accused Christians of being ignorant of the Bible.

In his frustration, he resorted to a helpless: ‘Oh God

Even Atheists Are Admiting "There MIGHT be something out there"
But they are just "Not positive" (yet)

Now it is our turn to clear up misconceptions
Leave him a message here - inshallah - Allah Guide him...

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#11 Tamer Ramadan 2012-08-04 11:01
How is it possible that the Earth, out of all the possible places it could have landed in the universe, happened to land in a place where if it were 1km closer to the Sun it would burn and if it were 1km further away it would freeze. After that, it just so happens that it has an O-zone layer protecting it from dangerous rays coming from the Sun. Then it also so happens that the earth rotates one full cycle in 24 hours, no more no less - whereas if it had been different, some parts would be underexposed and others overexposed to the sun, don't forget our routines would go crazy because our 8 hour sleep cycles wouldn't match with the cycle of the earth. Don't even let me start on the orbit and the different seasons, the water cycle and the perfect amount of Oxygen in the air for our lungs. __It's very clear that this planet that we live on has been created perfectly for us in every aspect you will not find a mistake. So how is that possible to be the result of an accident? Especially when everyday we see that accidents only result in chaos and destruction?__I f I told you that the Queen's mansion built itself. Or actually, let's scale it down. If I told you that your mobile telephone created itself you would tell me I was crazy. But you want to tell me that this perfect universe that supports our lives built itself? Let's be logical
#10 marwan 2012-03-21 10:45
i am sure your life will change to the better
it is only one step
I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah
#9 asdfj 2012-03-06 19:44
OK I dont buy this guy is really saying he thinks there is a GOD - but he is only saying he is not 100% against the idea there "could be" a GOD. OK?
Now, take a look at the website I found about Science Islam (I dn't post a link - just talked about it OK?)
anyway have a nice day
#8 Noor 2012-03-06 07:05
May Allah guide him and make him an example for all of his fellow professors/phil osiphers/scient ists who are agnostic or athiest.

He should read "Quran and Modern Science: Compatible or Incompatible?" by Dr. Zakir Naik
#7 0sacrosanct 2012-03-04 00:36
This is typically and deliberately inaccurate reporting: Please quote accurately. Dawkins said 6.9 on a scale of 7. Thats less than 2% room for doubt: and you choose to interprete that as 'he does believe in something'. Now that speaks volumes for your intention to deceive.
#6 kev 2012-02-29 07:54
i'm not totally sure that the tooth fairy does not exist, but i'd say i'm about 6.9 on the scale.
#5 asdf 2012-02-28 06:42
He has already said all of that in The God Delusion, but the person who wrote this article, and the people who believe what is written in it, are too stupid to understand what he's actually saying.

He is still an atheist. He just isn't arrogant enough to claim "absolutely" that which is unknowable. We don't know anything absolutely, and if you believe we do, then you're just too stupid to understand simple logic.
#4 Lalalala 2012-02-27 13:47
You're not going to post this anyway, so why give a name.

Is this page a joke ? No one can be that stupid ! But maybe that brainwashed. Wake up !
#3 avb 2012-02-27 09:31
At what point does Richard Dawkins state that "there is a god"? Or are you hoping most of the readers stop reading after the headline?

Lying for God is still lying.
#2 AbdulGhani 2012-02-26 07:57
If more scientists take their time and study all religions objectively, znd go beyond their caltural upbringins and surpress their emotions , I beleive that many will embrass Islam or at least have favorable view about Islam.

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