Who Was Barnabas (really)?

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Did He Write A Gospel?

      If you are a Muslim, you have likely heard about a book, claiming to be the "Gospel of Barnabas" in which you find many claims against "Saul" (later named Paul) and strong support for the coming of Muhammad, peace be upon him, as the fulfillment of prophecy from Jesus (John chapter 14 & 16) referring to the "comforter", "advocate" and "spirit of truth".

Ever since I came to Islam in summer of 1991, I have hear Muslims talking about the "Gospel of Barnabas" as though it was actually something forgotten or removed from the early Bible.

There is even a translation of a book, supposedly coming from the library of a monk or priest named Frau Marino (or something like that), by Laura and Lon Raggs.

But I have always had serious doubts about the authenticity, especially because of the "convenient" way the book protrated Paul (as the evil on who corrupted Jesus message) and even mentioned Muhammad, peace be upon him, by name.

Here is the latest on the topic of "Who Was Barnabas - REALLY?"

He was born in Cyprus, and his birth name was actually Yusuf (Joseph when you apply the Latin pronouciation to it).

He was one of the first to accept the message of Jesus, peace be upon him, and was later called Barnabas the apostle (messenger).

His name and his story does appear in the New Testament in the 5th book, the Acts of the Apostles, attrtibuted to Paul (Saul who chaned his name to Saul after being an enemy of early Christians and then claiming to have a 'Blinding Light" meeting with Jesus, peace be upon him), or at least someone who had known Paul.

More shows up in some of the Epistles (messages) from Paul toward the end of the New Testament collection of books.

Barnabas' death and the circumstances of it are obscure and not historically verifiable. 

However, tradition within some of the collections of works from various Christians indicate he may have been martyed at Salamis in Cyprus.

Many have claimed his as the founder of the Cypriot Church and there is a day of feast for him celebrated on June the 11th.

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There will come times when We muslims will be tested With many false miracles. That is why it is best to know the deen because all of shaytans arrows of deceit will be deflected by our knowledge and rememberance of Allah. Shaytan has many arrows of various deceits but no protection against Allah. Only Those who truly believe in Allah the way The Prophet Muhammad SAW Was taught have this sheild. It makes me sad to see that many of our siblings in islam sheilds are weak. The sheild is isLam and the streength of the shield is Iman. Its funny how the haters of islam use evil words against islam but muslims cant speak evil about anyone or thing. Dont they see the difference. Dont the misbelievers know that they are being influence to hate muslims for what another hater puts in their mind by using Jesus name as valor when the very muslims they are hating are not allowed to backbite,have sex outside of marraige, do drugs and alcohol, and that these muslims live by morals the these same haters would love for their children? My mind is babbling with so much to say. But for now i just want to pray thatAs musli8m we be patient because Allah has A plan. If any muslim wants retaliation against thos who use their words against islam in an evil way that he or she should say Allah sees them and he will deal with them and also pray that Allah will soften their hearts so that they become better people. Muslims blessings will always out weigh a disbelievers. So be patient and look out for these covert missions smoke and mirrors to attemt to destroy the image of islam. They think that Allah does not know but it is them who know not.
#2 ali 2012-02-26 23:51
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I am one of the Turkish Muslim.I am interested in this case too. selam to all Muslim.
#1 Abdelhadi Al Serhan 2012-02-26 13:29
I read in the news today about discovering that Gospel in Turky and they said it is 1500 years old Gospel. and here is the link for that news in a turkish website


please let me know what do you think?



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