All American (shiites) On TV?

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Who Are The All-American Muslims?
Who Are The Supporters?

Bismillah Rahman Raheem
Editorial Comments by Yusuf Estes

Salam alaykum dear readers,

We are most upset - reading emails from so many concerned Muslims here in America, worried about the TV show, All American Muslim, on being shown on TLC cable.

Complaints about the comments, content, misrepresentations of Islam, and of course the idea of Lowe's cancelling their ads for the program and then the back lash of the Muslim organizations  and other comments, are most overwhelming.
And all of it on the WRONG POINT...

Here is just one of hundreds of letters and text messages buzzing around America concerning this show right now:

As salam alaykoum ,
After watching All American Muslim family on TLC, many questions came to mind about these Muslim American families living in Dearborn.  One question is about Muslim girls on the show.  They so far away from proper hijab and they seem to express that "it is ok not to be covered". My oldest son (at 12 yr) gets confused when watching them.  He knows hijab (covering up) is part of Islam, but he asks, "Why?" these Muslim girls are not covered? What type of message are these people showing about Islam?
Also, many topics are brought up on the show, but no mention of anything really related to our way of Islam. Why is this?
Sheikh, do you think this type of show is doing more damage than good?
Should we watch this type of show with our children?
How can non-Muslims get the message of true Islam from such shows?
You need to help them do better shows for Islam and advise them.
Salam alaykum,

Subject: Misrepresenting Islam on TV in America

Bismillah Rahman Raheem
Salam alaykum,
Your email makes me so sad.


Because it represents what most American Muslims are doing (or not doing).

First of all, I have warned the main-stream Muslims for 20 years here in America, to start focusing on real deen, stop playing the games of the non-Muslims and help us get the true message of Islam to the people.
Do they listen?
Do they do it?
Do they help?
(no, no, no)

Instead, they continue to follow blindly, behind the ones who divide up into groups, corrupt, misguide, insult and destroy true Islam.

Regarding the TV program on TLC cable network, someone wrote and said:

"The TV show, All American Muslim, is mislabeled. It should be called "All American Shiites Who Don't Even Follow Their Own Religion"

One small segment of the Muslim population (Shiites) have come up with support for their own show on TV. So, why do we complain In my own experience, since coming to Islam over 20 years ago, I have spent my time, efforts and resources along with a few other presenters of Islam to bring about the real message of Islam on the Internet, International radio broadcasts (1990's), websites (over 2,200 right now), CDs, DVDs, chatrooms with scholars online to answer questions (, TV programs on Huda TV, Peace TV and now LIVE TV with call-ins on our own television channel here in America (Guide US TV on Satellite).

-- Just for the record - I have been told by reliable Shiite Muslims, this show DOES NOT reflect the true teachings of Shiite scholars at all.

We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars developing some of the first Islamic videos for Google videos, YouTube videos and when they brought attacks against Islam for every video we put up, we made our own site for the Muslims:

We have tried our best to get Muslims in America to support these efforts. But instead, they continue to watch the ones who attack Islam and subscribe to entities who only want to promote their own agendas.

Look at these big Muslim organizations who are making a big deal out of Lowe's stopping support for the Shiite TV show, Muslims in America.

These organizations did not support us, even now when we have gone to them and begged them to support our efforts so we can support them, what do they do?
We have continually supported so many popular organizations (since 1999). I went to their fundraisers. I wrote articles for them on our news site We attended and promoted their events so many times and always tried to work with them for the sake of Allah.
Now, this week, we have completed one entire year on the air! Al Hamdulillah!

But where is the mention of one year of solid broadcast on Satellite TV all across United States and Canada?

Broadcasting excellent programs with the best of speakers and presenters for true and balanced Islam, featuring presenters like: Yasir Qadi, Siraj Wahaj, Baba Ali, Zain Bhikha, Mutahhir Sabree, Hussein Yee, Dr. Bilal Philips, Dr. Jamal Badawi and myself.
And all of us have regularly supported these organizations...
But have you seen anything on their websites about Guide US TV? (even one word?)

The Shiite girls in the show you are allowing your children to watch - say, "You only have to wear hijab in front of an imam" (is this what mainstream Muslims believe?).
What will you do when the time of the year comes when the Shiites begin to celebrate their holidays? How will you explain to your children the idea of cursing the companions and wives of the prophet, peace be upon him? And what about them stripping off their shirts and whipping themselves on the back (in public)?

The program these misguided Muslims support and fund on TLC cable TV, is only a one hour program once a week.

We run a complete TV channel - 24 hours a day - and have people (non-Muslims) calling in and asking questions and learning Islam and making shahadah!
Many new Muslims come to our channel and learn the deen and get involved. Many more of our youth begin to watch and then never want to go back to the kafar experience of watching mindless attacks on morality, and common sense.

We receive no support from governments, big corporations (like Lowe's), or even our own Muslim brothers who run these big organizations to get in the news. We depend completely on Allah and beg him, alone, for our help and support.

Some Muslim families (a few) do support our channel and our websites, every month. It might be small, like 20 or 30 dollars, but at least they do it. And Allah Helps us keep going.

Check out our efforts right now - see what we are doing - RIGHT NOW: - - - - - - www.GuideUS.TV We are doing our job in front of Allah, inshallah.
We are at a cross-roads in our dawah efforts right now - WE NEED SUPPORT TO KEEP ON GOING!

Now my question to you is: "What will you do?"

Will you continue to go one just watching and complaining?
Or will you start to watch Guide US TV (on satellite or internet)?
Will you and your family support for real Islam?
Will you pray for us? Will you tell others? Will you make the effort to make a difference?

Tell others in text messages, emails,

Promote the Share Islam Project - (see what we are doing right now)

May Allah help you to see the truth and support the REAL ISLAM IN AMERICA, ameen.

Jazakallah khair was salam alaykum,
Yusuf Estes

At last - Islam TV for everyone! On Satellite & Internet
Tell everyone: Facebook, Twitter, Emails & Support now www.GuideUS.TV/donate

This article and comments are the opinions and editorial comments of Yusuf Estes and do necessarily reflect the sentiments and opinions of Islam Newsroom and its supporters. If you wish to reply or make additional comments, please do so at the bottom of this article.



#17 Meliha 2013-05-30 15:31
Assalam alaykum Rahmet Allah wa Barakatuh,
Don't you brothers and sisters recite Al-Fatiha at least seventeen times a day?!?
Ameen,because so many muslims are not on that Path yet lets make dua for all of us may Allah swt guide us all.
#16 Alex 2012-08-14 12:27
Where ever is money changing hands is going to be Corruption , deceit and misleading the holy Coran&Mohamed teaching is the light anything else is for Money and fame
#15 nadia k. 2012-01-11 19:06
I think you all missed the point of the show. The title is ALL AMERICAN Muslims. Its about a certain group of AMERICAN muslims, not Muslims in general. If it was meant to show the real side of Islam it would have been titled The TRUE ISLAM or TRUE MUSLIMS living in America. Don't you think? Sadly, the show does portray the true ways of MOST American Muslims, regardless of what cities in the U.S. as well as in
#14 Shams 2011-12-31 07:55
after the first showing of American Muslims in America I refused to watch it ever again .They portray the wrong image of a true Muslim . they walk around uncovered and with there breast hanging out tatt's on there body and wanting to own a bar serve liquor. Sounds to me more like American Christians to me and I'm American born revert .If you want to portray the real American Muslim I suggest you do a better job of it for this one makes my stomack turn
#13 SE 2011-12-26 08:18
To Ali H Jafar, Anyone who curses the prophet (swt) is not a muslim, Anyone who curses the companions of Prophet muhammad (swt)is not muslim, Anyone who beats his chest for Ali is not a Muslim according to
#12 Achmad 2011-12-18 03:13
To Ali H Jafar; Please read Q 9:100. Who do you think
#11 Mohammed 2011-12-15 17:20
@Ali H. Jafar, we all know what is Shiat Islam and their taqia! So stop playing innocent! (Editor: no links are allowed to be posted on our sites without permission)
#10 sk 2011-12-15 03:45
Do you think that the media would should show true Islam on tv? The answer is no. They show trash on tv to keep people away from Islam. It is the job of the true Muslims to get true Islam out. There's a cable channel called bridges which sometimes show Islamic programming. Maybe there can be an advertisement on that channel for guideustv & other stations. It would be nice to advertise Islamic programming on billboards or at have a bumper sticker with these websites.
#9 Fergy 2011-12-15 00:16
To Ali H. Jafar - your opinion is just based on opinion and MANY OF THE REVERTS/CONVERT S YOU TALK ABOUT KNOW ISLAM BETTER, MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER THAN THOSE WHO ARE BORIN MUSLIM. Many people like you confuse tradition and culture. You don't have Sheikh Estes experience or knowledge, so if you're going to insult him, instead of giving a one paragraph answer that doesn't prove anything, show your proof from the Quran and Sunnah.
#8 Fergy 2011-12-15 00:14
I don't get some Muslims seriously. Quran and Sunnah, if you're doing anything outside of these you're deviating. Sects are not permissible in Islam, yet people call themselves all sorts of names. Allah swt gave us our name, Muslims. Islam is perfect, Muslims unfortunately are a work in progress. If what you're doing is not supported by the Quran and Ahadith/sunnah, stop doing it, it isn't hard. I agree with everything Sheikh Estes said. God bless you my dear brother. Selam and peace from Australia. If you don't believe or follow Quran and Ahadith/Sunnah, sorry you can't call yourself a Muslim in my humble opinion and Allah swt knows best.

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