Quran Burner Preacher Jailed

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Pastor Shoots Off Mouth
Then Shoots Off Gun
Man Of Peace - Shoots His 'Piece'
Demonstrating Against Violence

(March, 2011 Detroit, Michigan) --Terry Jones, a preacher for about 30 people in Gainesville, Florida, got really "burned up" now - because he was arrested in Detroit, Michigan for 'accidentally' shooting his gun(???) while protesting against violence of religion(??)
This man of peace (who was carrying a PIECE) is at it again and he seems really dedicated to presenting the "truth" about the peace of his religion and the violence of Islam.
That's right! Screen_shot_2011-04-24_at_7.03.48_PMHis gun went off in his car! -- After an interview on Fox TV - in their parking lot. He had the gun with him in the building even though they have a "No Weapons" policy. Maybe it does not apply to "men of peace".(??)

In a strange twist of mental mania, this man has done more to convince people the very opposite of what he is claiming. No one has done more damage to the image of Christianity than this man and his hysterical rhetoric and nonsense about religion.

This is the story of what he did (last March, 2011...)

DETROIT, Mich. -- Our FOX affiliate in Detroit confirms Pastor Terry Jones' gun was fired in their parking lot after a live appearance at their studio on Thursday night.

Jones had just wrapped up an appearance on FOX2's "Let It Rip" ahead of a court appearance to determine whether he will have to pay a bond for security outside a planned protest at the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, Michigan.

His gun discharged into the floorboard of his car after the show. No one was hurt. Police responded to the incident, but did not file any charges. They say the gun accidentally discharged.burningqurans

Police returned the gun to Pastor Jones and he was allowed to leave. FOX does not allow guns inside its studios.

Jones sparked worldwide controversy after he and his followers at the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville burned a copy of the Koran. The action set off protests at a United Nations building in Afghanistan in which several people were killed, including U.N. employees. (more results for "Peace Pastor"?)
Jones is due in a Michigan courtroom Friday to determine whether he will be allowed to proceed with a Good Friday protest outside of the Islamic Center of America. Prosecutors are seeking up to $100,000 from the Florida pastor for extra security at the demonstration, counter demonstrations are also planned.

Question: What if a Muslim was protesting against Pastor Jones for burning the Quran - and he has a gun and it goes off inside his car?
Would the police say, "Hey! No problem. You didn't hurt anyone. So, have a nice day!"(??)

How about a COMMENT at the end of this article - PLEASE....

__________________________________________________ and now read this from our archives about 'Pastor of Peace - Terry Jones'

Yusuf Estes told all of the Christians the real truth about the Quran, the Bible - and it really "Burned up Preacher Jones".
Everyone is laughing at him and his silly story about "Judging the Quran and finding it 'guilty' and then ordering someone to burn it up as a punishment."


Watch the Video that "Burns Up" The Quran Burner! TUBE ISLAM.com

Watch Yusuf Estes "Burn Up Terry Jones Idea" On

Dr. Zakir Naik - Compares Bible to Quran on TUBE ISLAM.com

By the way, even though Jones got more media attention again, it did not last long until Sheik Yusuf "burned up his whole mission - with the truth from Islam" - Al Hamdulillah.
Wait until you see the whole video on Yusuf Estes "Tube" website: www.TubeISLAM.com
You might remember Mr. Terry Jones - this is the man who made front page news while threatening to burn the Holy Book of Muslims, back on September 11, last year.
Then after some kind of meeting with Muslims leaders of Florida, he makes some kind of deal and then calls it all off.
September 11, 2010 - The Times of India Reported...

U.S. Pastor Said He Will 'Never Burn Quran'

PTI, Sep 11, 2010, 08.08pm IST

NEW YORK: A US pastor, who threatened to burn Quran, on Saturday (September 10, 2010) said he never burn copies of the holy book (Quran), even if a mosque is built near ground zero in this America's commercial capital.

"We will definitely not burn the Quran! No," says Pastor Terry Jones of Florida, "not today, not ever," he said when pressed whether his planned demonstration might happen at a later date.

He explained that it would not happen even if the Islamic center is built near ground zero.

But not for long. Read what he just did last Sunday...

From USA TODAY, March 22, 2011

Florida pastor oversees Quran burning

The controversial Florida pastor who halted plans to burn a Quran on the 9/11 anniversary last year oversaw the burning of the Islamic holy book on Sunday after it was found "guilty" during a "trial" at his church.

bibleburn1"We had a court process," said Pastor Terry Jones, who acted as judge, in a phone interview. "We tried to set it up as fair as possible, which you can imagine, of course, is very difficult."

Jones said about 30 people attended the mock trial at his Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville.

Jones considered the "International Judge the Quran Day" to be a fairer way of addressing the Islamic holy book, and he denied breaking earlier promises not to burn a Quran.

"If the jury had reached a different conclusion", Jones said he would have issued an "apology for his accusations that the Quran promotes violence".

"We still don't feel that we broke our word — that was in relationship to International Burn a Quran Day," he said, referring to his previous plan to burn a pile of Qurans on the 9/11 anniversary to protest plans for an Islamic community center near Ground Zero. "We said we would not establish another International Burn a Quran Day."

Last year's aborted event provoked criticism from U.S. religious leaders, violent protests abroad and pressure from President Obama and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates before Jones called it off.

After a six-hour trial on Sunday that featured a Christian convert from Islam as a prosecuting attorney and a Dallas imam as a defense lawyer, a jury of 12 church members and volunteers made the judgment, Jones said.

He said the punishment — burning the book after it had been soaked in kerosene for an hour — was determined from four choices on his organization's Facebook page.

He said "several hundred" were polled and voted for burning instead of shredding, drowning and facing a firing squad.

Jones considered the burning — which was conducted by another pastor since Jones was serving as the judge — a one-time event.burn_or_no1

"That is not our intention, to run around America burning Qurans," he said.

Jones has launched a new organization, Stand Up America, and plans to protest the Quran, Shariah law and "radical Islam," and has scheduled an April event in front of an Islamic center in Dearborn, Mich.

Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for C.A.I.R. (Council on American Islamic Relations), declined to comment at length about Jones' trial.

"Terry Jones had his 15 minutes of fame and we're not going to help him get another few minutes," said Hooper.

Terry Jones Burned Qurans - The Media made more money talking about it - 

---- But what do you say?



#24 Sheik Shah 2011-06-18 19:03
Atleast we muslim are not dumd enough to burn their Bible
#23 myrlan wills 2011-05-09 09:57
It appears that my message above was somehow cut off...so, if I may, I wanted to again express my sincere apology for the actions of this pastor who burned the Holy Quran. It\'s deplorable. I am, as I mentioned before, an American and a Christian who is very much interested in Islam. I am preparing to marry a muslim man from Egypt....a man that I consider to be the finest man I have ever known a man who puts Allah first in his life. I consider myself to be a very lucky woman to have him as my future partner in life. We respect each other\'s right to worship in the way we feel is right for us. I am so happy to have this website...so I can learn more about Islam...__Thank you so much for what you are doing for all. __
#22 Rahim Kamari 2011-05-08 00:27
To: Eric and Myrlan... and all respected Americans and practising Christians. You don't have to express apologies for the wrong-doings of others. Your kind and sincere thoughts is with my utmost gratitude. The wrong doer himself will face Trial in the Hereafter, no matter how minute of an atom's weight of ill-doings he'd done. On the contrary, I'll extend my prayers and supplications that his future Generations will receive the Message of the Holy Qur'an, as the same message passed down to all the Prohets from Adam to Moses, Abraham, Jesus and finally Muhammad s.a.w. (May Peace be upon them all). Ameen.
#21 myrlan 2011-04-26 15:15
I too am an American and a Christian and want to express my apology for this so called
#20 Muslim Sister, and Proud 2011-04-25 14:07
To fran- have you ever noticed that when we get angry, muslims burn flags, not bibles? That's because, even though they've become twisted through many many authors over the centuries, the bibles contain atleast a little bit of God's word... and we respect that. __To the article... Yeah right! Letting Muslim go.. ? More like, they look for excuses to detain us, no matter the situation! I think this man is insane and he should stay in jail... for a REALLY long time, because he broke the constitution, since burning of a religious book seems to me to be much worse than hate speech, no? (and hey, isn't that the reason they attempted to use on Al-Jazeera to block it from TV? Curious ;-) )
#19 Dumbulo 2011-04-25 07:58
You know what? Ignorance is the enemy of mankind. If someone wants to know what ignorance is he/she should just refer to this man! Doesn\\\'t he know that Jesus(peace be on him) is mentioned in the Quran by name more than Muhammed(pbuh)? Doesn\\\'t he know that in honor of Mary(mother of Jesus) the Quran has a chapter by her name... Surah Maryam( Chapter Mary)? Let\\\'s pray for him by saying may Allah give him the Guidance so that he will always remember his action in regret! May Allah guide us all and protect us from the fitnah of this world. Ameen.
#18 dian 2011-04-25 01:15
mocking comics, burning of quran.. muslim lost their case in courtroom because of
#17 Evelyn 2011-04-22 02:57
This man is possessed by evil spirits!He surely does not know what he is doing.May the Merciful Lord of all forgive him.
#16 sk 2011-04-20 21:28
to fran,
Muslims do not destroy bibles all the time. They do not kill people unjustly. can you please tell us when a muslim killed others for carrying a bible? We too believe in jesus & moses. we respect other peoples religion(tolera nce).
#15 normal american 2011-04-04 19:40
Whta ever happened to love they nieghbor
everyone is entitled to there own beliefs no matter what they are but what he did was just wrong. I fear for the world when all are judges by the few

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