Muhammad: Guilty of What?

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Was Muhammad A Prophet?

1.5 billion people believe Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is the last prophet and final messenger of Almighty God.
But exactly what do we really know about him, from trustworthy sources?

Who Was Muhammad . .
- Really?


"There are too many TV, radio, newspapers, websites, blogs, forums and emails are insulting the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, in the most negative and derogatory manner. They say things about him and against him and make fun of him, even using cartoons to depict him in hideous and despicable forms."

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OK, here is the actual QUESTION:

There are articles on the internet that plague the intellect of knowledgeable Muslims and irritate and aggravate others. They say evil, perverse things and even say he was insane.

There is one site full of hatred toward our blessed prophet, peace be upon him. After writing to them, they replied by saying unless I can refute their claims they will not do anything about it.

I turn to you for assistance. How can I guide these people to the truth about Islam?



Bismillah Rahman Raheem

We commend you for your good question and thank you for your confidence in us to present answers to your questions.

This particular question has come to us many times as these people are working day and night to promote their site and a book they have associated with this false information of theirs. After having answered their questions directly to them time and again, we already know they are not going to listen to the answers.

Therefore, please do not panic over these people and what they are doing. They only desire to cause trouble and if they do not want truth, who are we to force them? Let them visit our sites and read and think for themselves. We have asked all Muslims not to visit those sites, not to read their trash and not to waste time talking about it. We have answered these people and their vile, evil accusations many times, just as Muslim scholars have in the centuries past. But these folks don't want to know the truth. Leave them to their lies and falsehoods. They are only playing games.

However, we are concerned that their lies and falsehoods could mislead some who are seeking the truth. For this reason we have prepared several works on the subject of our Blessed Prophet, peace be upon him, on our sites at: and

Yusuf Estes does not offer fatawah (Islamic rulings) nor does he claim to be the most knowledgeable of scholars. He only deals with topics and questions wherein he has studied with qualified teachers and scholars of Islam, in order to present a clear and simple understanding in plain English.

He does not endorse any particular mathab (school of Islamic jurisprudence) but rather seeks to bring about mutual agreement and understanding between all Muslims seeking answers based on the Quran and the prophet Muhammad's, peace be upon him, teachings.


Now let us return to the subject of presenting Islam in general and how to overcome these objections, inshallah.

If someone is truly desiring truth, take them on a step by step journey through a series of simple and logical questions and answers. Your line of reasoning might be something like this:




ISLAM - is it RIGHT?

1. First, we would have to come to the logical conclusion that all creation had to come from somewhere. Right? - This of course needs a Creator.

2. The Creator must be only One, otherwise there would be much competition and conflict throughout the entire universe. Right? - This means He is One.

3. We see everything around us has a purpose. We humans have a purpose for each thing we do. Right? - So, there must be a purpose for all this universe.

4. The One who created us must have a purpose for us. Right? - Only He is the One to tell us what our purpose is.

5. The Creator would naturally give us some indication of what is good and what is bad for us and above all, what He would intend for us to do. Right? - Therefore, He would send some type of revelation that we would be able to comprehend by way of a messenger who would explain to us our purpose.

6. Anyone could come to us and claim to be a messenger from the Creator. Right? - This means there must be irrefutable evidence and proof for us to be able to determine without doubt the messenger is who he claims to be, thereby making sure we accept the revelation of the message.

7. Something beyond human ability to achieve on their own would be necessary for us to establish without doubt the integrity of the messenger. Right? - Miracles and prophecies have long been the signs of true messengers and prophets of the Creator.

8. We would need to have some type of proof that would stand the test of time. Right? - The evidence would have to continue to exist in the original form without changes, corruptions, alterations or variations to text, until the very end of humanity.

9. The messenger should bring the revelation to the humans in a clear form and it would necessarily need to be in an existing language to be able to verify it at any point in time. Right? - Therefore, the revelation must exist in the original form and be in a language that is still understood today.

10. Verification of evidence regarding revelation must be available and understandable and testable at any given time. Right? - Therefore, ongoing discoveries outside of the revelation should continue to bring about proofs to substantiate claims within revelation.


Finally, the Quran makes claim to satisfy all of the above conditions.

Now, let us consider a few general considerations:

1. The Creator should dictate what He will accept and what He will not accept as worship. Right? - Therefore, only He should tell us what it is and what it is not.

Quran clearly states this to be the truth. "Whoever seeks a deen (way of life or religion) other than Islam (submission and obedience to His Will in sincerity and peace), Allah will never accept it from them and in the Hereafter they will be amongst the losers." [Quran 3:85]

2. Worship should be exclusively for the Creator and not what He has created. Right? - This would be the foundation for true belief and action.

Quran states exactly this proposition. Allah tells He only "created mankind and jinn for worship." [Quran 51:56]

3. Direct Access - Anyone and everyone should be able to gain access the Creator at any place and anytime. This should logically be a condition for an eternal method of worship.

Quran says, "If My servants ask you about Me, tell them I am near, ready to answer those who call upon Me?" [Al-Baqarah 2:186]

4. The Way of life should be clearly stated with a proper name to identify this way for people to follow.

Quran clearly states this to be the truth. "Verily, the only deen (Way of Worship) that is acceptable to Allah, is Islam (submission and obedience to His Will in sincerity and peace)." [Quran 3:19]

Quran tells us exactly that, and even describes the proper name for worship to Him as ISLAM.

ISLAM means:

* Surrender your choice in matters to the Will of the Creator

* Submit to the Creator on His Terms

* Obey His Commandments

* Sincerity for His sake in all that you do

* Peace between you and your Creator in ISLAM

MUSLIM means:

* One who does ISLAM * Arabic uses the prefix "mu" at the beginning of a verb instead of the suffix "er" and the end of a verb to indicate the one who is performing the verb. * Mu-ISLAM - One who is doing ISLAM (i.e.; One who surrenders his or her choices to the Will of the Creator, submits to His Terms, obeys His commandments, does so in sincerity and in peace)

A true Muslim would quickly agree with the prayer, "God's Will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven, ameen."

Now, all they have to do is consider the above steps. Review the meaning of the Quran. Consider for themselves if they are ready to worship their Lord (and our Lord), their God (and our God) without any partners. After all, that is all this whole universe is about anyway.


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Please pray for us and ask Allah to guide us to do more and to do it better for His sake. We are praying while traveling around the world, for all of the believers to unite in the common cause of peace in the surrender and obedience to Allah, and for all the non-believers to be guided by Allah for what is best for them in this life and in the Next Life.

Salam alaykum,

Yusuf Estes
Any good is from Allah and any mistakes are from myself. Please pray for me and ask Allah to forgive me and guide me to do better.









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