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American Muslims


ISLAM NEWSROOM UPDATE: "How 'Secure' is USA Today?"

Consider today's emphasis on security today:

How much of this is about "security" and how much is "insecurity"?
Are we Americans no afraid of our own shadows?

And REALLY . . . Where are we any better off today -  right now? Any better?

Think back some years ago? When both Yusuf Estes and Yusuf Islam got dragged off different airline flights (to & from London)?
No excuses, no reasons, no explanations!
Just - "Stand up! Get out! Sit Down! Shut up! . . . and WAIT"

Good news - they didn't get shipped off to Guantanamo, Abu Ghrab prison or disappear completely. But still, if these people could be so misunderstood as for anyone to consider them a threat or danger to any society - where does that leave the rest of us?

Read for yourself a story sent by a sister to Yusuf Estes, telling what happened to her and her husband and what can happen to any Muslim, even medical doctors and converts with degrees in Criminal Justice and Sociology (just below):

Here's the the story of Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) refused entry to USA - (READ OLD NEWS HERE)

".. I saw your story about FBI agents pulling you off a plane in Baltimore, Maryland, going to London. Now I see they jerked famous singer "Cat Stevens" (alias: Yusuf Islam) off the plane he was flying in from UK to USA."

(read story here)

Now - her story:

Muslim Sister ~ NOT SECURE From "SECURITY"

As-salaamu alaykum Sheikh Yusuf,

You do not know me, but I was reading through news stories on the Internet and came across the "Yusuf Estes detention" story. [read]

This type of things is happening to more people than we can even imagine and without cause and without reason. I can tell you it may be happening at both ends because something like this happened to me, only in the UK. I arrived at the airport without my husband because he was visiting relatives in another country (he is a British citizen born and raised), I was supposed to meet him at the airport because our flights were arriving on the same day.

I am a United States Citizen born and raised and also come from a family who were one of the first settlers of the Americans, my great grandfather (something like 16th) was John Freemon. (you may have heard of him from history books, he came over on the Abigail). Also I have family member who were original Native Americans, but since has been watered down. And also a great grandfather (cannot tell you the generation because I do not have our family book with me) who served in the American revolution. (sorry got sidetracked but thought this to be important).

I am a law abiding citizen and have never been in any kind of trouble in my whole life, no warrants, no arrests, no groups.

When I arrived at the airport I was made to wait, while they took my passport to the back, the immigrations officer may not have liked the fact that I was a white women in a hijab, full jilbab and hijab. My name I have kept that my parents gave me, but I have been a Muslim since 1978.

My husband was supposed to arrive 4 hours after my flight It took them a very long time to decide at the gate what they were going to do. I was then allowed to enter with some special type of paper that allowed you to go change and eat something but was supposed to come back to immigrations at 4:00 PM, this was only one hour before my husbands flight was to come in (AND THEY KNEW THAT).

I was then taken back to immigrations from a back way. and they put me in a room with some other Muslim women who were dressed in the same manner as myself. They soon came and got me and I was taken through three locked doors and into a little room, I was questioned by someone who said they were an immigration officer, she asked me the same questions again and again. Then I was taken out of the locked room and placed in another room without a door.

I was then told that my husband was not one the flight at 5:00, I knew this could not be possible because we confirmed with each other that we would meet at the airport and then go home from there. I waited and waited and there were two other people who came in, they were working for immigrations and were supposed to be interpreters (and they were drinking coffee and asked me if I wanted any) by this time I was too upset to drink anything. Mind you this ordeal was from 8 am in the morning.

These two people asked me personal questions about my Islam, They asked me the most stupid question and even if I like bin Laden (which I DON'T LIKE HIM). and then finally the women left and the man stayed, but was flirting with me (I live in a home that do not mix with men, so I felt sickened by his behavior.

Finally around 8:30 PM. I started to carry on crying out of control, finally this man said he would page my husband. When he page him, my husband came right away, NEVER IN HIS DREAMS DID HE THINK TO LOOK IN IMMIGRATIONS.

My husband is a doctor and also has never been arrested, nor does he belong to any groups. We both are law abiding, caring citizens. Anyway within minutes they stamped my passport. Now every time I enter the UK, I am questioned, there is something on there computer system about me.

Now, my main question, Is why are law abiding citizens being treated in such a manner?
Is it because we are reverts?
Is it just a witch hunt and any one who is Muslim is included in this?
Oh, I forgot to mention I have a BS cum laude in Criminal Justice/Sociology.

Salam alaykum - signed [name deleted]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now - Yusuf Estes' reply to her:

Our 'Insecure Security' - In the Real World

Salam alaykum sister:

After reading your story, it seems we need to begin to gather stories from as many Muslims as we can and then begin to expose this nonsense to the public in a very straightforward and direct manner.

It is time people begin to realize that our rights are in danger here and this is not going away and it is not going to remain exclusive only for Muslims.

Mormons, Jehovah's witnesses, independent political parties are next.

Then who?

I have been told that agents are visiting many places in the United States and asking questions about me. ME?

And that is not the worst of it. I have been told they are almost putting words in people's mouths to make them say something about me that is not true. Many of the people have said to them that Yusuf is a good Muslim and he never says anything bad and they ask them why are you asking about him.

They have used many stories, not the least of which is to say they are only trying to look out for my best interests and they are worried about me. Sure.

It seems quite obvious they are justifying their jobs and trying to keep their "protection racket" operating by twisting and turning information about people until they can "detain" them. After that it is only a matter of "pressuring" them into a "confession" of some kind and then offering them plea bargaining to reduce their "sentence."

We have a first hand account of agents going to a family in Virginia and while the husband was away they went into the house with the wife's permission. They asked her about his involvement with certain people and groups. She told them he had no connection with any of this.

Then when they questioned the husband and found he did know these people (although no connection to their schemes) they told him because his wife had not told them the same story - SHE WAS GOING TO JAIL FOR PERJURY unless he would cooperate and become a spy for them.

By the way, he refused to go along with them and told them "Go ahead. Take her and see what happens", (they didn't - Al Hamdulillah).

But this is not an isolated story, and many other stories don't have a good ending either.

REMINDER TO ME: We who are so privileged to live in free societies should take care of our freedoms and take this people to task before they unwittingly (or knowingly) destroy the best thing going.

Their claims to be working for a "secure world" do not seem to contain any reverence for a FREE World.

I recall a statement attributed to Mr. Bush, to the effect that we would have to give up some of our rights in order to GAIN SECURITY.

If that is what Mr. Bush considers as being "secure" then he and his people are not cut out for the job of defending our country.

What our country is all about is not about having "secure lives" at the risk of loosing our rights;
Our country was founded upon freedom and rights even at the risk of giving our lives.

When Thomas Jefferson crafted the Declaration of Independence, he began with:
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.."

Don't we as Muslims, believe and adhere to this exact same concept?

Today's government appears to be working hard to convince our society that there is a special kind of boogie man out there in Muslim Land, that never came on the earth before and we are not capable of defending ourselves against this creature.

They tell us we must throw away certain parts our constitution, so we can violate the human rights of certain people and start certain laws and certain regulations (in direct opposition) of our basic Bill of Rights.

How do you feel about this sister? (to everyone: add comments below - please)

And please consider contacting your people in congress and local politicians - Ask them how they feel about the constitution of the United States - do they stand beside it's Rights and Freedoms? Or do the STAND ON IT, under their feet.

Talk to others whom you know and ask them to speak out on these issues before it is too late.

We're all in this together and we need people who will stand up and speak the truth in the face of these misguided socialists, typical tyrants and badgering bullies - Before our situation gets even worse.

Today, it's just "holding", "detaining" and "questioning" but what will it be tomorrow. We know what they are doing in the prisons with anyone they consider to be "not with us." What is next?

We ask Allah to protect us all and to bring about true freedom in the land, ameen.

Salam alaykum,



Yusuf Estes.


 June 30, 2006.


EDITOR: We see what has happened over the last 15 years - What's next?
And what about 15 years from now?
Is it time for you to COMMENT (BELOW)?


1. Write to the congressmen and congresswomen in your area. Write to all the politicians and express your concern for such paranoid behavior on the part of those who are being well paid to provide security for us.
2. Call the politicians in your area and leave messages explaining the waste of government funds on tracking obviously innocent people only because they are wearing beards or scarves, while at the same time letting real terrororists run free.
3. Write the editors of the papers and magazines and tell them you are advising everyone to stop subsciptions and purchases of their newspapers if they continue to run irresponsible articles only to scare people and not provide balanced reporting.
4. Contact the advertizers in these newspapers and TV and radio programs and tell them you are going to advise everyone not to purchase their products if they are going to continue to support prejudices and the destruction of our constitutional rights by advertizing in these papers.
5. Copy this and mail it out - over and over - to everyone you can think of.

6. - Go back over this list and do it again - and again.

We can all make a difference and it is up to us to do it.

Yusuf Estes is an American born Christian businessman who came to Islam in 1991. He is well known for his efforts to communicate the true and balanced message of real Islam in plain English. You can write to him at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (take a look)

P.S. Now we Muslims have our own voice in America (at Last) - Will you help us keep it going on the air? 

Your tax deductible donation of only $19 a month will help keep www.GuideUS.TV and our Satellite TV channel and studios in California, Texas, Ohio and New York operating...

Do it now before shayton makes you forget.

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#2 cupcake 2014-10-30 11:37
sounds like a war on islam.
should not travel alone. they pick weak & defenseless.
dont dress like a foreigner or you will be part of racial profiling.
good thing she didnt drink coffee. might have contained poison.
we have many freedoms in this country but none of them are protected.
the constitution is a fraud. 16th amendment was never ratified.
this freedom nonsense was invented to milk tax payers & occupy other lands, steal their resources & dominate others (mainly the poor).
#1 Zafirah A. Coleman 2011-03-12 10:41
As-Salaamu Alaikumm, I see that I am not the only one being harass for no reason. I cover in muslim clothing every time I go out in public. Sometimes I am given a hard time and there is nothing I can do about it. I have been accussed of many things, but yet no one has confronted me with these aligations. It's as if they are trying to make me look like criminal. So why don't they do something about it? I am here, in this city waiting for them to take action. These people play games with the Muslims, especially the Muslims that practice their religion. There are many Muslims who afraid to practice Islam in public. May Allah (swt) help them. Amin. Muslims need to unite. In my neighborhood the drug dealer and drug users are treated with more respect than the Muslim that is devoted to Islam. As-Salaamu Alaikum

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