Child Bride? Moon-god? Jihad?

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Moon-god? Jihad?
Terrorism? False God?
QuEsTiOn mark01
Forced Marriage?
Beat Wives?
Oppress Women?
Kill Jews & Christians?
What Does Islam Really Say?

ISLAM NEWSROOM - UPDATE Friday, March 20, 2015

Treatment of women?
Child brides?
Prearranged Marriages?
Women's rights?
...and so much more!

"Women can't drive"
"Moslems are all Arabs"
"Holy Wars! Fundamentals! Jihad!"

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Let's clear up these misconceptions and misrepresentations about the status of women in Islam...
Muslims - Get the real facts, please - BEFORE you try to answer!

Questions with "Misconceptions"

"Why is it women aren’t equal in Islam?"

The Reality check: Women and men - ARE NOT THE SAME! - But they are treated equally where it counts and treated with "gender equity" when this is required.

“In the religion of Islam according to the teachings of the Qur’an, God created man and woman of the same cell. They’re supposed to be equal. They are equal in the sight of God. The only distinction is in their marriage. Every unit must have a leader, and the man is seen as the leader. When you have to make a final decision in the Islamic social system, the husband makes the last decision.”

"Why was Ayesha under age when she married Mohamed?"
The fact is - SHE WASN'T

Arab tradition at that time would have permitted an arranged marriage of a daughter at any age. However, even though the marriage offer came from Muhammad's best friend, Abu Bakr (father of Ayesha), it was not accepted at that time.

Another time when she was a few years older her father again offered his daughter in marriage to Muhammad, peace be upon him, and then it was left to Ayesha to make the decision.

She glady accepted and this set the stage for a whole new way of thinking for men around the world.
The message became clear to all - Women do have rights after all.

  • She cannot marry until she is old enough to bear children.She cannot be married off without her consent.
  • She must be given a marriage gift (mahr) of her choice.
  • She must be given clear explanation of the terms and aggreements of the marriage (in writing).
  • She can choose to accept or reject a marriage proposal without fear of family reprimand.“

And keep in mind, this was at a time in history when the people anywhere around the world did NOT offer such rights to women.

Check this out too:

"Why can't women drive cars?"

The Reality check: One (1) country out of hundreds of Muslim countries requires men to drive the vehicles.

This is a secular law and is applicable to the conditions of the people there, not based on Islamic teaching. Some countries allow marriage to pre-teen boys and girls, others don't. So what? It is not based on Jewish Law, Christian Law, Hindu Law - and there is nothing in Islamic Law saying women cannot drive cars (or ride camels, or donkeys, or horses).

So let's call it like it really is - "Man made secular laws". Muslim women do drive everywhere else in the world, especially in Islamic countries.”

One more time:

"All Muslims are Arabs and come from the Mideast"

The Reality check: 1.7 billion Muslims - 88% Are NOT Arabs.

“The Arabs are just 12% of the Muslim population of the world. There are only about 150 million Arab Muslims in the world. The majority of Muslims are not Arab. In fact there are more Indonesian Muslims than Arab Muslims.”

Note: "Muslim" (not MOSLEM) It simply means - one who submits to God's Will in peace (Islam).

"What about Muslim Fundamentalism?"

The Reality check: If a Muslim does not follow the 'fundamentals' of Islam - they are not Muslim anyway (duh)!
'Muslim' means 'one who does the fundamentals of Islam; surrender to God, obey His Commandments, submit in peace to God's Will on earth.
"Fundamentalism" is an even funnier word to use because there is no Arabic word for this kind of nonsense.

Fundamentalism is an American word.
Either you practice the fundamentals of your faith or you don't.

"Why Jihad - The holy war? Killing all the Jews & Christians?"

The Reality check: Qital is the Arab word used in Quran and it means "combat"
There is nothing about killing Jews and Christians - This is about fighting against terrorists and anarchists.

“The holy war is a very interesting one because the word 'Jihad' has come to mean holy war in American terminology.
Actually, 'jihad' means 'struggle' in a very general sense and is referred to as the 'ultimate struggle' when it involves fighting in active combat (qital) against enemies of the people and to defend their society and their rights, against the aggressors and oppressors.

The word most often used in Quran dealing with combat and battles for the sake of protecting and insuring all people are able to remain free and secure is - 'qital'.

The 'jihad' of warfare is one of many types of "striving and struggling" in any project, and the type for warfare is only sanctioned for Muslims when conditions of negotiation and reason are no longer a consideration and oppression and aggression of the enemies has reached the level of chaos and terrorism.

Jihad is not only sanctioned when Muslims are subjected or under persecution but its central theme is to free all of mankind from all forms of oppression even if this means that the Muslim has to be the aggressor.
A division of Jihad is also subject to clarification. For information about this Islamic subject please contact the learned scholars of Islam." << check this out!

"Isn't Allah the old Arab moon god (Habal)?"

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