Catholic Priest Enters Islam - In Florida

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Another Catholic Priest Enters Islam - Why?
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Someone else just came to Islam - Why?
Because of a strange and beautiful story of a Catholic priest in Florida - who wrote to us asking for more information; a Quran, CDs - he said he would have to pay later on if he could get the money with a grant or something. 
I was so happy because this one actually came to Islam by learning from our books, tapes, CDs, and the combined efforts of brothers and sisters working with us in Florida.
We told him, that is not the way it works with us. Our work is for the sake of Allah and Islam, not for the sake of making money.
Strange story - A Catholic priest living in Florida asked me to ship some CDs to him - He said ...he would pay me later if he could get a grant - We told him we don't do this for the money - even if only one person comes to Islam from our efforts, then it is all worth it. You know?
So we sent him hundreds of CDs and materials. He never wrote back. So, I figured, "Oh well..."

Then this letter comes in and I want to just sit and cry - I am remembering the first priest I watch come to Islam - along with me and my wife and father -- that was more than 18 years ago.
But this story is about another Christian, a Catholic priest, who comes to Islam. Here is his letter to me (we deleted the last name & email for privacy):
Dear Yusuf Estes:
My name is Father Daniel, living in Miami, FL. and studying Special Education at the local university (Florida International University).
I always see this Muslim group of students in one of the halls of the Student Center, offering books, Cd's, and time there to whom it may be interested.
One day, as many, I saw them, and only by curiosity I stopped by, and ask for something to read about the whole thing of Islam.
I used to be catholic. In fact, I was a catholic priest.
I've been a priest for five years in my country (Argentina). But my personal faith slowly decreased after finding out many contradictions in faith and practice within the catholic church. Tired and disappointed, decided to quit and change my life.
Since my sister lives here, in USA, I decided to come, and study what I liked, and re-build my life. So far I was considering myself a simple agnostic.
Until that day... I started to read, and read and read. And a Light has been growing and growing in my heart, more and more. It has started about three months ago.
I don't want to rush, I want to learn more (not only curiosity), I want to get into little by little. I need time to process all this new "thing" that is coming through.... and I still don't know how to deal with
To be honest with you, I do believe that in Islam is the Truth... but I need and want time.
Yesterday, those students gave me a CD. It was you teaching about Islam, I think after that terrible 09/11. I was astonished. I enjoyed every single word. I listened the CD in my car all the way to my house. Today I listened it again.
I really appreciate your testimony, may be you can not imagine how much! Well, Allah knows it very well, I believe.
Question: Since I am a student (and no money for now), do you know how to get the Holy Qur'an, I mean, a good one...  I would like to read it, but if I go to a book store, I feel lost... What can you recommend?
Thank you for reading this long e-mail.
Father Daniel (last name deleted)
Naturally, we wrote back and sent Quran, CDs and links for audios, videos and many articles on our websites. Al Hamdulillah, it is Allah Who makes Muslims!
You can join us and help SHARE ISLAM -
Everyone needs to know about the real, true Islam in simple terms. You may join us and share full rewards from Allah -
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#1 ahumadh 2012-07-19 18:52
Lailaaha I'lalaah (No god but Allah)
Islam is the submitting your will to Almighty God.
He is Al Malik (The Sovereign lord)
Ar Rahim (The Merciful)
Al Mu'akhkhir (The Delayer) he is the one who delays.Your faith may not be super strong yet. It is because Al Mu'akhkhir is delaying it and He is Al Wadud (the loving). He will never let you go.

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