PEACE Vision of Islam: India

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 PEACE - Vision of Islam  Only Sat & Sun Remain - Hurry to Chennai, India
Tremendous series of programs: lectures, speeches, exhibitions, attractions and interaction events - bringing thousands to the reality of PEACE Vision of Islam.

Latest Updates for Sat 19th:

* 11 AM Dr. Bilal Philips - "Shackles of the Mind"

* 4:15 PM Sh. Yusuf Estes - "Proof of God"

* 6:30 PM Sh. Yusuf Estes - "Questions & Answers - Proof of God"

* 8:15 PM Dr. Bilal Philips - "Islam & Modernism"

 Friday 18, 2008

* Abduraheem Green was unable to attend due to illness. Please make dua (pray) for him please.

* Special Jummah services held in building 17, filled to capacity with volunteers and visitors both. Sh. Hamood Ashemaimry gave khutbah: "Ashurah - Fasting the 10th of Muharram" - it was fantastic! 
(more on "Ashurah" -

* 11 AM  Sh. Hamood Ashemaimry - "What Muslims Must Know About Divorce

* 4:30 PM Imam Mutahhir Sabree - "Do People Need Religion?"

* 6:30 PM Sh Yusuf Estes spoke on "Muslim Youth Today" in place of brother Abduraheem Green. (Friday night)

* 8:30 PM Dr. Bilal Philips arrived in Chennai just in time for his speech on "Hijab - It's Purpose" (excellent speech)

Thursday 17, 2008: Comments from some of the organizers and volunteers:

 "Karin Armstrong, the famous authoress and speaker about Islam (although not a Muslim herself) came here announced and commented to the paper here she highly approved of the whole event and was pleased with what she saw." - Zakir

"A well planned exhibition and now I really understand Islam" - Director General of Police in Chennai, Mr. Mathur

"Except for the hard time given to us by Yusuf Estes, everything was very lovey and well planned." - Jiffry

"I cried after understanding the message of my own religion - after all these years, I am finally learning about the prayer and its importance. I am praying now to Allah to forgive all the years without the salat and to help me learn and do this important pillar of Islam. Thank you to all of those who helped bring this important exhibition to our city here in Chennai." - A dear elderly Muslim sister.

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