Dr. Ahmed Turkistani

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Dr. Ahmad Ibn Saifuddin
English Speakers

Dr. Turkistani Joins Yusuf Estes on TV Shows

• Dr. Ahmad ibn Saifuddin, a true scholar of Islam and excellent English speaker has helped many new Muslims, to gain a better understanding and comprehension of the moderate path of true Muslims.

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• Dr. Ahmad ibn Saifuddin is an Islamic scholar. He is associate professor at Al-Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University in Saudi Arabia.

• Ahmad Ibn Saifuddin Turkistani is the former director of the Institute of Islamic & Arab Sciences (IIAS) in Fairfax, Virginia a nonprofit educational institution.

• On March 15, 2001, Turkistani gave the keynote address at the Eid-Ul-Adha Dinner in Parliament Hill, Ottawa, which was sponsored by the Association of Progressive Muslims of Ontario (APMO).

• Turkistani is credited with stating, “Islam has been the victim of Sept. 11.” “We need to disassociate Islam from the wrong practices of some of its followers,” Turkistani added, “and protect it from those who want to associate it with violence and destruction.”

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