Sites Attacking Islam?

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Answer the HATE SITES!
Attacking Islam & Muslims
- What to Do? (and not do)!

As regards dealing with these hate sites against Islam, like and those like them:

Best policy we have found in dealing with them?

* Don't deal with them.

* Do not go to them.

* Do not mention them.

* Do not argue with them.

* .. and whatever you do - DO NOT FORWARD THEM TO OTHERS.

Our experience with them on the internet for the last 9 years has taught us they will not listen, they will lie and they will take people away from the true worship of Allah, even if it is only for a while with their nonsense.

There is no need to deal with them. Allah will deal with them in due time. Please do not forward to anyone else and be sure to tell everyone else the same message, inshallah.

Now to another subject: Ramadhan

I hope you and your family are preparing for our visitor who only comes once a year to bring along with him Blessings and Guidance from Allah, not to mention Forgiveness and 30 days of the best food you ever ate in your life.

Of course I am talking about our dear friend, shar Ramadhan.

I ask Allah to accept your sawm, salat, taraweh and that you find lailatul Qadr in this beautiful month in which Allah sent down His Qur'an, ameen.

Go to our search site and type in the word women:

We also have many articles and audios and CDs on this subject. Please refer to our new websystem for Islam on this site by typing in the word "women" in the "search" box.

Also, do the same thing in the search box on: (this site)

And see the real answers for Christians at (Da Vinci would love it)

More? and

How about Muslims answer to YouTube?

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