Imam Mutahhir Sabree Suffers Heat In Kenya

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According to Imam Sabree, it was a "life changing experience and one that I will carry back to my family and friends." He had apparentaly suffered from some severe exposure to the suns rays and had quite a burn on his head, neck, and face.

Imam Sabree had also experienced difficulties...

with his passport, due to the passport office in Washington, D.C. delaying his appointment until ony hours before his flight to Kenya was due to fly out from Dulles airport in the nation's capital. Fortunately, for his clear thinking, he had taken both the old and the new passports along with him, just in case of such an event.

Authorities in Mandera, Kenya are quite limited in their technology and did not have computers or Internet to be able to verify everything. So, Imam Sabree was permitted to fly out on a special charter for humanitarian aid (ECHO) only to be recieved by authorities in Nairobi who were preparing to send him out to one or the other of two jails where they hold people while investigating such matters.

Fortunately, Islamic Relief's local officials and airport authorities were able to verify and determine the matter and all was solved in a mater of only minutes.

Mutahhir Sabree sends his thanks to Alah and for all of those who were praying for his safe return home.

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