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(Youtube) Just before Ramadan

"It is not over - yet" -- says Yusuf Estes

We can make a difference when we stick together for the sake of Allah - this is proof, inshallah.
Look what Muslims are already saying....

*  I used to love Google and, I have 18 domain names registered there.
*  I advertised on google. I had just created this website and I was linking videos from
They can forget it now.
*  My first reaction, I will go to Mircrosoft or Yahoo for advertising.
* I will boy godaddy. 
* I am boycotting these guys, cause this could happen to my domain names and websites as well.
* Its a very bad bussiness move at the end of Google and GoDaddy.

More quotes from ... 

Yusuf Estes, with the Share Islam Project, and Muslims around the wo

"We refuse to give up and we are not going to take this lying down while the Muslims favorite video website becomes a tool of evil and immoral pics and videos against the very principles of Islam."

Estes says the attorney for Share Islam told him last night ...

"We can fight this in two ways - at the same time. First, is to take the case to court which takes a lot of money and time and would eventually get the site back beccause we have done nothing wrong in the sight of U.S. copyright infringement laws."

Second, is to take the case to the public and let them see how we feel and what is really going on.

And the attorney said, "For sure, the second one is the best one - faster and cheaper - but you should do both - NOW"


Let's take the advise of our attorney and get started - Now.

If you or anyone you email to is able to donate for Islam, then do so on this secure site for donations: (we own this site)

And for sure, immediately get everyone to understand the importance of copying the message (below) and contacting the right people (listed below) and tell them in plain, simple, kind words:

"We Want Our Video Website to Be With Yusuf Estes and the Muslims"


Here is the letter for you to mail out to everyone on your list, inshallah.

Bismillah Rahman Raheem

Salam alaykum dear brothers and sisters in Islam,

My name is Yusuf Estes and I either have some...




They took our baby ( is like my baby)
They may try to use it for their corrupt money making purposes -
They will likely abuse the beautiful image our website became famous for-

But they will never destroy the real light and guidance that it stands for.


Dear believers - Allah is testing us - you and me - right now. What are we going to do about this?

Are we going to just sit there while the only remaining efforts to show the beauty of Islam are being torn down and prostituted for money by the enemies of moral society? IN FRONT OF OUR EYES?


Allah tells us in the Holy Quran, "Do they think they will be left alone on saying, 'We believe' - and they won't be put into a great test?" For sure (Allah) will test them as he tested those before them - to show who are the truthful (believers) and who are the liars!" Quran, [29:1-3] Surah Ankabut


Our prophet, peace be upon him, told us: (hadeeth) "Amazing is the condition of the true believers, because only good happens to them. Whenever any good comes their way they are thankful to Allah. And whenever any difficulties come their way, they are patient and it is all good for them. But this is only in the case of the believer."

With this, I have good news and not-so-good news.

Which one do you want first?

Of course, I don't know what your answer is, so I have to go with my instincts here.

       First let’s get the bad news out of the way:

       Yes, we lost the Internet battle against GOOGLE, YOUTUBE and the BIG GUYS, who run the Internet. We have to loose our website name -

       We put in all of our time, effort and resources - even working around the clock, trying to make a nice, safe, moral place on the World Wide Web for children, ladies and gentlemen to enjoy learning and sharing the faith of Islam - Without all the horrible images, lies and attacks against Islam and the true values Islam offers.

       We lost the "Battle Against the BIG GUYS"


       BUT, (now the good news): WE DIDN'T LOSE THE WAR


       We still have other sites and other names - and other servers and other registrars - and most important - We have Allah and the brothers and sisters in faith who really care –


       And, We have WON A VICTORY against shayton. Shayton hates for us to work together.


       He hates for us to share Islam (we own He does not like us to chat Islam (we own He hates for us to watch Islam (we own He doesn't want us to hear Islam ( For sure he does not want us to answer the question the world is asking every day - "What's Islam?"
And of course we own -

       So, now it is time for us to pick ourselves up from the ground and move to our next battle...


       Finally, the best news of all: WE CAN FIGHT IN COURT TO WIN IT BACK

       They admitted this as an option it in their own public announcement. So, it is not over - not yet. Let's keep praying and working together for the sake of Allah and our prophet's (peace be upon him) message. Let's keep our heads up high. Don't show them our tears. Show them our dedication to continue.

       We don't hate anyone - we only hate the evil they do.

       We don't love the material world - only the good we can use it for.

       We are winners. We are MUSLIMS.

       And that means there was no BAD NEWS... It is all GOOD news - for the believers.


Here is what one of our brothers has already written and posted on the Internet:


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guroo13 said...

I was big admirer of Google and, since I have some 17 or 18 domain names registered there. Also, I advertise on google, not to mention I had just created this website and I was linking videos from
 My first reaction, I will be bending towards Mircrosoft or Yahoo for advertising. I will also be boycotting godaddy. For godaddy there are tons of other options available.
I am boycotting these guys, because this could happen to my domain names and websites as well.
Its a very bad bussiness move at the end of Google and GoDaddy.

So, what do you say? (Don't tell us - tell them...)



Contact These People - Tell them how we feel about all this:


Godadddy Domain Names - says they have over "36 million domains under management" and they want more.

Why not tell them what you think about helping Google take our site? Surely, they would like to hear from us "common people":


Godaddy Domains

Call Them And Talk to Anyone: (480) 505-8899
AND Send A Fax Number: (480) 505-8844
24/7 Support: (480) 505-8877
24/7 Billing: (480) 505-8855

14455 N. Hayden Rd.
Suite 219
Scottsdale, AZ 85260


ICANN (the Internet Moguls Who Make the Rules)

Marina del Rey, CA, USA
4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 330
Marina del Rey, CA 90292-6601

Call Their Phone: +1.310.823.9358
And Send A FAX: +1.310.823.8649


Google Inc. (the owners of YOUTUBE.COM) the people behind it all...
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
Call Their Phone: +1 650-253-0000
And Send  A Fax: +1 650-253-0001

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