Bible to Christians (Yusuf Estes 4 videos)

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Dawa Using A Bible & Quran

Til Kingdom Come
4 videos
yusuf 1
Seriously - FUNNY!
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"Shahadahs Made Easy"
Dawah From The Bible - to Islam
Sheik Yusuf did it - again!

Christians in Audience Enjoying Message of Islam from Their Own Bible
Part 1 of 4 parts
Second Part - Just Keeps on Getting Better
Part 2 of 4 parts
Now it gets really serious - Seriously Fun - that is!
Part 3 of 4 parts
Question & Answers Really Get Everyone Going
Part 4 of 4 parts

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Enjoy this funny, yet informative video
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Yusuf Estes is loved very much by young and old alike. They call him the "Funny Sheik". Children and adults of all faiths delight to hear him entertain while presenting the pure message of Islam.
His story "Priests & Preachers Enter Islam" is truly amazing. You laugh and cry at the same time.

"Excellent!" - Maryland USA
"My wife and I loved every moment" - U.K.
"This is real Dawah" - Cairo, Egypt
"We want more!" Ohio, USA

Yusuf Estes travels all around the world
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Visit his website about "Priests and Preachers Enter Islam" - >>

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