U.S. Spy Freed in Iran (video)

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American "Spy" - Released From Prison - Leaving Iran

Iranian-American reporter Roxana Saberi speaks during a press ...

U.S. Journalist at briefing after her release from prison

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An American accused of spying for the United States, Iranian-American reporter Roxana Saberi spoke during a press briefing outside her home in Tehran.

Saberi, was set free this week from her prison cell in Tehran.

  She said she had aquired a classified report on the U.S. war against Iraq and as a result she was tried and convicted on charges of being a spy.
(AFP/Behrouz Mehri)

Roxana is leaving Iran with her parents and a family friend:

US-born reporter Roxana Saberi, was freed from an Iranian jail this week . . . . (more)>>>

was leaving Iran on Friday on board a flight from Tehran airport, a family friend travelling with her told reporters.

“I, Roxana and her parents are leaving the country. We are at the airport and the flight is at 4:40 am (0010 GMT). We will be passing the immigration check in 10 minutes,” Payam Mohepi said.


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He did not say where exactly they were heading from Iran, but soon after her release her father, Reza Saberi, said the family was preparing to take Roxana back to the United States.

There are no direct flights between Iran and the United States.

Mohepi said Roxana was “doing well and very happy”.

“At the moment, she has no clear plan yet … whether to come back to the country (Iran) or not,” he said.

Saberi was released on Monday after her original eight-year jail term, delivered on charges of spying for the United States, was reduced to a suspended two-year term by an appeal court.

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Re-united with loved ones after her ordeal 

Saberi, 32, a dual citizen of Iran and the U.S., had been held for four months. She was convicted of espionage after a short, one-day trial and sentenced to eight years in prison. Her appeal, which was heard May 10 and lasted five hours, resulted in a suspended two year sentence.

The news of her release is tempered, however, by the knowledge that two other Asian American journalists, Laura Ling and Euna Lee, remain in custody in North Korea. As was the case with Saberi, circumstances surrounding their arrest and subsequent indictment are questionable, and their situation continues to underscore the need for journalists to be allowed to do their jobs without fear of reprisal.

Ling and Lee have been in custody since March 17. The Pyongyang government said on April 24 it would put the pair on trial for “hostile acts,” but did not say when.

North Korean guards arrested the two women at the China-North Korea border. A diplomat representing the Swedish government, which has relations with North Korea, was allowed to visit Ling and Lee March 30 acting on behalf of the United States, but reportedly has not been granted subsequent visits.

Source: www.FreeRoxana.net

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