Brig. General & Others Assasinated in Iraq

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Military "Impersonators" - Killing Our U.S. Military in Iraq

       Police reports cite witnesses saying Brig. General A. H. Al Kadhoumi was driving through a central square when a car filled with armed gunmen opened fire on him, filling his body with bullets. Reports say they used pistols with silencers attached, indicating this was no ordinary attack but possibily professional hit men. General Al Kadhoumi was the operations director for the traffic authority there.

       Similar incidents involving gunmen armed with sophisticated weapons, including silencers, have been on the rise since ...  (click to read)>>>

...a string of high-profile robberies in April - Recent cases also include:
  1. Armed gunmen dressed in Iraqi soldiers uniforms and pretending to be Iraqis, and firing upon American troops.
  2. (May 11, 2009) senior Iraqi traffic officer - assassinated on his way to work in Baghdad. It was the second attack on a high-ranking traffic police officer in the capital in as many days.
  3. (May 2) in the northern city of Mosul, another professional gunman there was killed after assasinating 2 soldiers there.
  4. (May 10) Another U.S. soldier was also killed one day ago when a roadside bomb exploded near his vehicle in Basra province of southern Baghdad, according to information released today.
  5. (April 10) - suicide truck driver killed 5 U.S. soldiers in an explosion right outside police headquarters in Mosul, Iraq.
    Death toll from the Monday shooting was the highest for U.S. personnel in a single attack since that incident.

       Historically, attacks on officers and sergeants, known as fraggings, had been common during the Vietnam war as morale in the ranks sank. However, these types of attacks are very rare in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

       In 2003, one U.S. Army Seargent was sentenced to death for killing two United States officers in Kuwait just before the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq of 2003.

       In June 2005, an Army captain and lieutenant were killed when an anti-personnel mine detonated in their room at the U.S. base in Tikrit. A National Guard sergeant was accused and then later acquitted in the blast.

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