Evolution Exposed As "Weak" in Texas

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"There are many, many gaps that don't link species changing and evolving into another species, so we want our students to get all of the science, and we want them to have great, open discussions and learning to respect each other's opinions. This isn't about religion. I don't know how many times we have to say it before people accept it. It's about science. We want to stick to the science." Said Barbara Cargill State Board member from The Woodlands, Texas. Scientists: Board proposals undermine evolution teaching

Now some scientists are referring to Critical Analysis" t instead of blind following of Charles Darwin and others atheists who proclaim their beliefs in "accidental evolution" over other scientists discoveries described by some as "Intelligent Design".

Some who are unwilling to look objectively into the findings of these scientists are claiming this is all driven by religion. Their first sentence is that it is all religion, and in their second sentence we find them all gleefully admitting they are atheists and "proud of it.".

Very similar to Fox News claiming they are fair and balanced (LOL). No one, especially those who work for Fox, believes they are fair or balanced. However, that doesn't seem to stop them from telling tall tales hundreds of times a day for 2 decades - does it? 

By the way, what do the Muslims say about all of this? -- Find out:

www.ScienceIslam.com {Amazing facts, pictures, videos and more - with real scientists accepting the truth of "Creation"}

Also from Texas, Yusuf Estes, National Muslim Chaplain talks about going to Islam:
      www.YusufEstes.com {Former Texas music minister-preacher tells how "Priests & Preachers Enter Islam}

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