Brother - How is your Islam?

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Letter from a new Muslim -
"Everything about Islam sounded good in the beginning. But now, some brothers are telling me this and that and now it all seems too hard."

"Brother . .  How long are your pants?" "Brother . . . How long is your beard?" "Brother . . . What are you eating?" "Brother . . . Is that a halal candy?" "Brother . . . Go back outside and come in the right foot" "Brother . . . Did you make wudu on your socks from up or down?"

So much, so fast... how can the new Muslims stay in Islam?

Think about it - Here are Muslims advising each other and telling us what we are doing wrong and insisting on us taking their "understanding" - when in fact, they don't even have the proper understanding...

Muslimstelling us things we are doing wrong and insisting on doing more ofthis or that kind of worship and must dress like this or eat like that,without really knowing the implications of the Quran and the sunnah.All and all making the deen of Islam so difficult for everyone and insome cases driving people away from Islam.

Allah has made it clear in the Quran how much He wants our deen to be easy, and notdifficult. The word for ease in Arabic is yusra and the word in Arabic for difficulty is 'usra. The second word, 'usra is more difficult to pronounce than the word yusra, because it starts with the letter ain andispronounced from the back of the throat. This gives us a veryclearindication of just how much Allah is really making our deen easyfor us.

The shayton actually encourages a new Muslim or a Muslim who isfirstwaking up to the deen, to really get involved in worship. Believeit or not, the shayton wants these new people to do more worship thanIslamis really calling for, so the person becomes tired and fed up, andeventually he or she leaves off the worship and tries to get by withoutfollowing the minimums.

Thisis how many of the Muslims are today. They say Allah loves them andthey love Allah and they are not worried aboutit. "After all", theysay, "Allah is Ar-Rahman (The Merciful), Ar-Raheem, (The Especially Merciful), Al Ghafur, (The All Forgiving) Al Wadud (TheAllLoving)." But they have leave the fold of Islam and now are reallyonthe outside looking in. Their condition is going to become evenmoreconstricted and they will no longer have the Barakah (Blessings of Allah).

Just remember - "Don't make the deen difficult, keep it easy and steady - and above all - stay in the deen."