Letters From Liars & Dealing for Dollars

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Did you ever get one of these? (who hasn't)?

"Hello my lovely: You may find this find this strange coming from me and you don't know me. I have something important to share with you - 50 millions doolar.!

I found your good name on the back of a napkin while going through the trash bin outside of McDonald's here in my native country of Mookoomuckywateenee and I knew right away it was a sign from Jesus to trust you as a honorable person and you could help me bring 50,000,000 dollars from my country to help poor people or recruit missionaries to convert Moslems to the Lord, or to feed stray cats - as you like.
I am dying and will give you a lot of the cash just because I trust you to help me. My name is Mortimer Sneederson-
Shmorgesboardentensk, the son (or daughter) of the late George Matthew Shmorgesboardentensk, the . . .

former cheif financial officer to the president of Zambeeniewowie who was killed in a model airplane accident while roller skating backwards down the freeway at midnight. He had so much money nobody could count it all so they decided to give it to my father who as I already mentioned was late. In fact, he is so late, I am not going to wait anymore - I am going to take the fifity million dollars as it is all I have left to remember my father and his boss and I want to just hand it over to you even though I don't you.
See how much I trust you? Now all you need to do is give me your bank account number, pin number, some credit card info and your library card (please) and then enjoy all the money I am going to immediately put into your account . . . blah, blah, etc."

  Do you think people fall for this stuff?- Yup! Everyday. The proof is, these guys keep coming up with more. 

Sad part is, some Muslims are involved - as targets.  Read more "Letters From Liars & Dealing for Dollars"?

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