Attack Our Prophet & Loose Your Profit

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FITNA? - Movie of LIES

"If they LIE - We Don't Buy!"
(And we don't sell it either)

Is "boycott" the answer?

NOW a movie? Another attack against Islam?

"FITNA?" They named the movie after the word they are doing to Muslims - "FITNA" means calamity and huge problems.

Are you tired of Danish and other countries businesses people making fun of our beliefs? Our religion? Our God? Our prophet, peace be upon him?

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Here is the way: 

When they lie - When they draw evil cartoons - When they make false movies - When they attack Islam and Muslims - 


Think about it - They want to make "profit" (gain on money is "profit") from attacking our "prophet" - right? OK - We stop giving them "profit" on their products - 


Nothing from Denmark - especially dair products - or any place attacking Islam! 

What to do when jouranlists and other liars attacks of the kufar against Islam, Quran, Allah and His prophet, peace be upon him? If they keep lying - we stop buying!

We visited the Danish journalists when I invited to speak at the "Islamophobia" Conference as a guest of "Islam Channel TV" - The Danish photographers and journalists came out to the conference by our invitation. They had a chance to ask anything they liked - take pcitures of any of us, as they liked. They had complete freedom do say anything they wanted - Freed of speech!

But when they wrote about it in the next day's paper - Everything they said about our conference in the news was lies. . . .

They didn't quote anything correctly and they even showed distorted photos of me and my family in the paper making us look like evil Arabs or something (and we are from Texas).

So, I say - if they have the "Right to Lie" - We Muslims have the "Right to BUY" (and not buy)

Let them make the choice - We already did, and it does not include anything coming from Denmark or Sweden at this point and time.

When they "LIE" - We Don't Cry -

We Just Don't BUY!

When they decide to come back to reality and say what is real -

We can come back to the market and buy and deal.

 Tell everyone you know, send emails, text messages, forward this page link - paste it in forums, blogs, webpages and be sure to tell the places you shop - "We Muslims are not buying anything made in Denmark, Sweden or Norway. We stop buying until they stop lying!"

Here is a partial list of products to "LEAVE ON THE SHELF":

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