Help Others Remove Doubt of Allah

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Help Others Remove
Doubts of Allah & Islam

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Helping Loved Ones Remove Doubts

Thank you for you questions. Answers are all based on findings in the Holy Quran and the teachings of the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

Your question:
How can we help someone we love to overcome their doubts about Allah and Islam?

Thank you for asking your questions. We are most happy to be honored by Allah Subhannah wa Ta'ala to do this effort of dawah. Although we often feel as though we are not doing enough and we wish we all could do so much more, it is important for us never to give up. Only Allah Knows who will die as a Muslim, and we do not control the hearts. Be patient and continue to always ask Him for all of your needs and especially for His guidance.

It is only Allah who guides and whomever Allah guides, no one will misguide them; and whomever Allah misguides, no one will guide them. (saying of our prophet, peace be upon him)

I would like to encourage anyone who is making dawah to utilize our internet website system for sharing Islam in plain English terms. We offer a number of ways to explain and present Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims alike, inshallah.

Please use these links and share them with others as much as you like, inshallah.
Who is Allah

What is Islam

Quran - Proofs 

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)  

[important issues discussed]

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This one is excellent as it deals with the important subject of lying and the effects it has on all of us.

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