Peace Vision & Dr. Philips: On Hijab

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Hijab (women's covering) - Dr. Bilal Philips PEACE Vision of Islam Chennai, India.

"Inspiring and enlightening! This is why I come to these..

..types of events - to learn." - a Muslim guest


"If only we had more people like Dr. Bilal to clarify what Islam really teaches on these subjects I would love it."

Read how you can join online along with many others, learning the real Islam based on the Quran and teachings of Muhammad, peace be upon him, (sunnah) by entering Dr. Philips latest offering for learning Islam online at home (FREE):
NEW ON - Foundations of Islamic Studies - Bilal Philips

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Bilal Philips in this 21 part video set gives an entire course on Islamic studies. Watch this series to innoculate yourself from the misguidance in this world.

He goes into very important topics, usually boring issues - in a very interesting and logical way using practical and easy-to-understand examples that will stick in your mind and allow you to share with others.

Here is the quote from his wonderful site:

The short courses will be on topics of immediate and practical relevance and benefit to the students.

They will also introduce students who wish to pursue an accredited BA in Islamic Studies to the methodology of the BAIS program, as a free trial run.

Course Material will consist of written material of the basic text being taught plus Audio and Video Lectures at the end of which students may test their understanding and knowledge retention by means of the online tests.

The Da’wah Training and Foundations of Islaamic Studies courses are now open for enrollment. Those interested in enrolling or simply finding out more about the course methodology should click on the link "IOU Enrollment" in the left panel.

In case of any further queries regarding the Short Courses send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Here is the site address:

And remember, we are in the process of linking to the entire set of online lessons from Dr. Bilal Philips. In the meantime, please feel free to join his live, online classes at: (watch for dates and times)