Back From Arafat

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It is now Saturday morning in Makkah - 6 AM - and guess who is writing to all the Muslims - and making dua for them?
What other Muslim would take his computer along for Hajj??

Sheik Yusuf Estes and family just got back from Arafat, Musdelifah and Mina to Makkah (12 hours ago) and they were constantly making dua for all the Muslims.

His amazing acceptance after the last possible minute to get a visa, get a flight and get to Makkah - and now he has sent out this letter - just before leaving his friends house in Makkat to go to Arafat and then to Musdelifah and then to Mina - and now back to Makkah again.


Read along and cry for joy with all the rest of us - truly, "The Promise of Allah - Is True" 

To your email:

We are working on a new website and I would love for you to check it out, forward it to others and write back to me about it: pass this to all your friends and even the non-Muslims - let them know what we celebrate, inshallah. After all, they are always telling us about Christmas and Easter, right? So, share it with them.  check it out and watch for us to complete it in time for next year's hajj, inshallah.

 Also, check out these great new sites:  (compare it with  and see which seems better)

Let me know how you like it and if it is helpful inshallah.

Wa kul am wa antum bi khair wa eid Mubarak.
Yusuf Estes

PS remember to in all your emails (like this) and too! (also:

Please Forward My Dua From Hajj- For You & All the Muslims - Yusuf Estes (please)

From: Makkah Mukaramah - We are back, Al Hamdulillah. And we are making dua for you and all the Muslims, inshallah. Al Hamdulillah -

Did you read the amazing story of how we got the visas one day ago? And then we got a flight at the very last minute - and we just arrived and someone met us at the airport and brought us to their home and now we are preparing to go for Arafat? Amazing (Ajeeeb)

Read the story of what happened: