Name of "God" - Not Allah?

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Question: Is "Allah" - 'god' in English?
 - by Adam Mofit
"I just found in old version of Encycolpedia Britannica that God word (etymology) comes from the Gothic God of the Woods (Woden). The Goths are Gog and Magog and God is the name of their God not the One God."
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As you know in the Quran the people of Noah ( from whom came Gog and Magog) they used to worship the following Gods ( Wod and Sua and Yagoth and Nisr (Eagle).
A hadith says that those Gods were actually Good people who lived among them very far in the past but ended up worshipping them.

This correletes with the Mythology of the Goths who worshiped Woden and Suav and Vagoth and the Eagle (embelm of many countries in the west).

The mythology says too that Woden was son of Gut (ie Gog or Goth) that is why they call every thing goog (GOOD)!! also (GOD) Golly great, Jolly, Julie, etc ( the good things in life including of course God) so it is not appropriate that the name of Allah be God out of all words since it was actually a man ( Good man from the Gog and Magog past) and later the Germans in germany named the Gog of woods as (GOD) on the base of Goth or Jute their ancient God who was the father of another man (God) Woden!
As for Saaean the Quran says (SABI'ah) not Sabaeans. The people alive today who call themselves Sabaeyeen) not Sabi'ah.

When the prophet asked who were the Sabi'ah he said (all people who avoided (Saba'a) their people's pagan religions, hence Abraham was first Sabi'.
These people are not a religion but all the people in history from all nations who were not introduced to the religion of Allah of their time for some reason. Hanif is an example of Sabi'ah in Arabia at the time of Muhammad, who were people who believed in one God and did not any of the religions of their times because they were wrong or corrupted (Christianity or Judaism)
Adam Mofti 
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