Yusuf Estes (real story)

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What's his real background?


Wicked-Pedia.com has so many mistakes about...
..our beloved sheik and his family and background that we decided to publish the story here and set the record straight.
"Many websites, news articles and presentations contain mis-information about me" says Yusuf Estes, " I look at a website talking about somebody named 'Yousef Estis' (they don't even spell my name right) saying things that are just not true. People introduce me in programs with information that is almost all wrong and Allah doesn't like for us to lie."

Here is what Yusuf Estes approves to be said about him and his family:
____________________________ Here it is ____________________

Yusuf Estes
is very loved by young Muslims, who call him the "Funny Sheik". Children and adults all delight to hear Yusuf Estes talk about coming to Islam while trying to convert a Muslim from Egypt to be a Christian, an amazing story, it makes you laugh and cry at the same time. www.YusufEstes.com • Raised a strong Christian, educated in Texas, he became very successful owning music stores, TV shows and was a music minister and preacher of the Bible.
• He explains how priests and preachers come to Islam when they learn the truth. www.911bible.com
• He was a U.S. federal chaplain and Delegate to United Nations Peace Summit for Religious Leaders. • He now runs hundreds of websites for Islam (list: www.IslamAlways.com).
• His lectures in universities are for all faiths and even rabbis, ministers, preachers and priests compliment his way of presenting a fresh and enlightening picture of the world's fastest growing religion - Islam. • He works to share the correct message of Islam to our youth, new Muslims and non-Muslims in simple English terms, making it enjoyable and even humorous at times while referring to Quran and teachings of Islam.
• As Islam overtakes Christianity as the world's biggest religion, Sheik Yusuf uses the latest in websites on the Internet and hi-tech in DVDs, CDs to encourage us all to share the message of "Peace, Surrender and Obedience to God" (Arabic = 'Islam'). www.ShareIslam.com
• Sheik Yusuf brings many new people to Islam using straight talk and funny jokes, while answering many of the harsh attacks against Islam and the Muslims. He makes it fun and easy for all to understand. www.IslamNewsroom.com
www.YusufEstes.com + www.LinksToIslam.com for a list of his many websites, chatrooms, TV & radio broadcasts. . _______________________ End - Nothing Else ____________________
For Booking and Event Information of Yusuf Estes, visit: www.IslamEvents.com/yusuf

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