Sweden - Cartoons Here Too?

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Cartoons of Prophet Muhammad, in Sweden now??

Yes, unfortunately this is the story we have from Sheik Yusuf Estes after his arrival yesterday (Sept. 27) in Göteborg Sweden. A local cartoonist has depicted the Prophet of Allah, peace be upon him, as a dog (astaghfirullah), and there is more . . . 
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Sheik Yusuf Estes tells us things are not good there in Göteborg and everyone is asking him, "What should we do?" or "How should we reply to this horrible thing?" and "Why are these guys doing this?"

Rumors are going around saying some are even considering violent demonstrations and activities to show the rest of the world how disgusted Muslims are about all of the disrespect and despicable depictions of the prophet of Islam, peace be upon him.

Sheik Yusuf Estes will be speaking to a gathering in the civic center located in Göteborg, Sweden on Saturday, September 29th. Hopefully, he will address these issues and offer good and sound advice for all the believers from the Quran and teachings of Muhammad (hadeeths), peace be upon him.

FACT: Strangely enough, Sheik Yusuf was in the very same place seven years ago (Göteborg, Sweden) when another serious matter took place in Palestine. It was September 2000, when a young boy and his father were shot in cold blood in front of cameras. The boy died. The pictures were shown over and over and can still be seen on some posters promoting the cause in Palestine. Sheik Yusuf tried then to settle the Muslims down and offered a number of ideas to leaders there, with the desire to help bring about better understandings and work together with others for the common good of all people in the wake of this tragic event. But his pleadings fell on deaf ears and many used the occassion to further their own causes and their demonstrations brought about even deeper divides between the Muslims and non-Muslims in Sweden. Sheik Yusuf is preparing a book on the subject, watch this website for more info.

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