Muslim Preschool

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Muslim Preschool..

It is essential for all Muslim parents living in the west today, to establish and maintain a preschool enviornment for our young children.
Many organizations and individuals have attempted to present something of this nature for those who would like to use the Internet to help impliment this task. However, to this point, there has not been a single successful online school for the Muslim children of preschool age.
The Share Islam project, under the direction of Yusuf Estes, is offering website development, online service, internet access and technical support for any proper organization ready to take on this task. Certain conditions and limitations would apply however. Please contact Sheik Yusuf Estes at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Steps required would include:

1. Develope and select from available curriculum for preschoolers in various levels
2. Make arrangements to host teachers on webcam through internet sites
3. Install webcam broadcasting software and Internet Service Provider hosting
4. Secure appropriate domain names
5. Develop websites and integrate software
6. Contract artists and graphic designers to enhance site appearance and appeal
7. Use code developers to produce interactive FLASH files presentations
8. Site test features and options with developers
9. Open test site for limited access

Ready for full Internet access and marketing.

Online Promotion and Traffic Building
1. Utilize domain name impression
2. Feed search engine data banks
3. List on site statis pages

Co-ordinate integration with sites of similar and like interests

Promote with banners and site ads
Track visits and view statistics

Build reports stats on weekly, monthly and annual basis for continued tracking.


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