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After a lovely sendoff from Sri Lanka and first class treatment from Sri Lankan Airlines, we arrived to another lovely reception here in Qatar. Can you believe it? They came right up to our plane and whisked us away to the VIP lounge where we were received in the best of fashion, complete with shi-e and kahwa (tea and Arabic coffee). (READ MORE)

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The news conference went very well, and already the penninsula is jumping with excitement for our programs.

Last night was a brief introduction to our programs and systems in the west for giving the dawah (call to Islam) in the West.

Today - TEXAS A&M College (Go Aggies) - for a quick but deep insight to "Evolution, Science & Islam" (They loved it) for details.

And there is so much more to tell...

But I have to go to another university right now and will be back to give you the updates in a few hours - so make dua (Pray for me) and we'll be back with more exciting news from Qatar, inshallah. (God Willing)