Intentions or Deeds (or what?)

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Intentions & No Deeds?
What Are Deeds -
Without Intentions?

Our prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, told us; "Verily, deeds are but by intention and every action will be according to the intention."
But what about the intentions without actions?

Here is a question from one of our readers and then our answer...
They say you are only be rewarded or punished for actions done in the outside world or words you actually say.
So does this mean you will not be held accountable if you think something bad Muhammad, or if you hate Islam or any of its commandments in the heart or intend to do worship for other than Allah? (but you might not do it)?
Is someone accountable for the feelings in their heart?
Is Islam both inward and outward?

Bismillah Rahman Raheem
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"It is not for a believer, man or woman, when Allah and His Messenger have decreed a matter that they should have any option in their decision."
Quran [33:36]

Answer# 04-21-04

It is only Allah who has All Knowledge. We only have knowledge according to what Allah has given us. Having said that, the question that you are proposing is one that really troubles us in regard to the type of attitude that is implied.

Our question is, "Who came up with this question?"

Seriously, a Muslim would not ponder such a horrible and contestable attitude nor should a person who is considering entering into Islam. Therefore, it would appear that one considering such a line of questioning is either not a Muslim at all or a person going away from Islam, and we seek refuge in Allah from this, ameen.

Let us now, come to the answer to the question, inshallah.

You are of course correct when you talk about intentions regarding actions and deeds. But this does not of course, apply to intentions toward Allah, His messenger, peace be upon him or the Quran or Islam in general. This is the difference between beliefs and actions.

Before any deeds can be accepted at all, there must be the correct belief in Allah and whatever He has sent down as guidance.

Therefore, whoever does not love Allah, His messenger, His Books, Angels, etc. is not a Muslim and will not even receive rewards for his or her deeds in the first place.

Look to the Quran for this one: Read Surah Al Asr and many other references, when Allah mentions, "Coming to the correct IMAN (belief) and correction actions..."

Any person who is not having the correct attitude and beliefs is not going to even fall into the right category to have their actions judged....

And Allah Knows best....

Allah has All Knowledge. Any good is from Allah the mistakes were from ourselves.

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