Converts or "CON-verts"?

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Yusuf Estes - Changed Sides?! Why? 

Just two years ago, Yusuf Estes was inviting a youth group of Muslims - But now all that has changed . . .


"Now things are different in our Muslim communities." Sheik Yusuf warns the same Muslims, "Be careful of these guys! Some are more "con" than "convert" he said, talking about certain recent events involving "operatives" and "undercover agents" working to entrap naive Muslims living in the west. says Sheik Yusuf Estes,Not anymore,"" 

Sheik Yusuf Estes is a former Christian businessman and preacher who "reverted" to Islam in July of 1991. He visits California several times a year to share Islam with Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Usually appearing as a guest speaker in many of the area universities and television shows (latest one is on the Catholic TV channel), Sheik Yusuf has always called upon Muslims to help the many new folks coming into Islam.

Back then he spoke out on the topic of helping the new Muslim and giving da'wah (invitation to the peace of submission to Allah in Islam). He addressed the youth group in Orange County only two years ago with strong words, insisting on opening up the hearts and homes to the many new people coming toward Islam. He had suggested starting up support groups, holding open houses in the masjid, bringing them into any gatherings and especially asking them to attend worship services. "Make them feel welcome and at home" he has said many times.

"But no more!" says Sheik Yusuf - "I just can't believe this is happening and we have to be suspcious of the very people we would love to help and bring close to us" he continued, "But what else can we do? Our own safety and the security of our family must come first."

"Verify and clarify!" insists Sheik Yusuf as he asks Muslim communities everywhere, "Know who you are talking to and what they are talking about" he says.

"If you are not sure or if there is a language problem, do not just stand there nodding your head and saying, 'Yes' without understanding what you are being pulled into with these con-artists" Sheik Yusuf continued, "They don't care about Islam or Allah. They just want you to say something so they can get a story for their newspaper or put you in jail to get some reward or publish a book against Islam."

"I have seen what some of these so-called "converts" are up to and I don't like it one bit." Sheik Yusuf went to say, "This is downright evil. They come to the Muslims claiming they want to know about Islam, and before you know it, they are trying to entrap them by talking of things like jihad (a word misused to mean 'Holy War'), qital (another Arabic word meaning 'fight' or 'combat') and they pretend they are new Muslims but they are trying to catch our poor youth and others who don't see the potential problem of discussing anything at all with these people."

"Even one word taken out of context could prove to be the ruination of a young boy's future or even destroy their entire family's life" Sheik Yusuf insised and went on to say, "I hate what is happening and can only give the advise to be careful of these new people when they start talking about anything with words like, terrorism, jihad, alqaida, hamas, talybon or any of these things - you just be quite and walk away. That's my best advise!"

Sheik Yusuf Estes is scheduled to speak in a number of upcoming events world wide. Join him in person or online: and

Note: Know your legal rights. Contact an attorney and do not speak to people who talk about doing acts of terror or against governments. Notify your local mosque or Islamic organization or a local chapter for C.A.I.R. (Counsel on American Islamic Relations) in your area for more information.

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