Undercover "Con-verts" Offer Terrorism to Muslims

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Con-verts or Con-job? 

A New "Con-vert" to Islam Talks of Terror Against U.S. - But FBI Does Nothing!? What Is Going On?

Irvine (California) Muslim Community Reports Terror Threat to FBI - Nothing Happens. California Muslims harassed by new "converts" with suspicious and frightening threats against U.S. and other targets.
Southern CA is the home of the latest of what may be an inside threat to the peaceful Muslims living in the west - "Con-vert spies" or "Pretend Muslims", says local Muslim youth in Sherman Oaks, CA.

"What is going on here?" says one young man, "How come the FBI isn't going after this guy? He's been reported by several of Muslims here in our community" he complains, "But look, this dude is still running about making threats and calling for terrorism against the U.S." Another concerned Muslim who asked not to be identified asks, "What would they do if it had been an Arab or born Muslim?" Good question.

It appears Muslim have more to worry about these days from those who claim they want to be Muslims. Similar incidents have taken place in New York, New Jersey and other states. People possing as new "reverts" (a word used by Muslims indicating people "revert" to Islam rather than "convert") and then soon are talking about acts of terror against the government or military operations. Some have fallen into traps set up by these "undercover" converts and have found themselves the center of focus in trumped up charges of terrorism and anti-American activities, etc.

While Islam still remains the fastest growing religion in the world and without a doubt, in the west, those who claim Islam are now watching each other with suspicious looks as more and more infiltration amongst the masses seems to prevail. (read on)

Below: taken from online source: www.infocusnews.net

Irvine Muslim community reports terror threat
By InFocus News Staff - www.infocusnews.net

FBI is slow to respond

IRVINE -- On June 30, Los Angeles Times reported that a judge had issued a restraining order on a convert who attended an Irvine mosque who had started speaking about violent jihad.

On June 29, Orange County judge issued the order barring Craig Monteilh from going near the Islamic Center of Irvine and its employees.

Monteilh, 44, had started attending the popular Irvine mosque in September and told congregants that he worked as a personal fitness trainer. He expressed a great interest in Islam.

But when he started talking about "operations" against U.S. military targets, and suggested that he had access to weapons, congregants who knew him grew frightened and alerted authorities.

The Council on American-Islamic Relation’s southern California chapter (CAIR-LA) reported that it also received numerous complaints about Monteilh.

While the alleged comments of Monteilh were reported to the Irvine PD and the FBI in early June, community members and leaders expressed concern and surprise that the entire month had passed but the Orange County office of the FBI in Santa Ana had yet to even question or interview Monteilh.

According to the Times, An FBI spokeswoman declined to confirm or deny that an investigation was underway.

One community member who asked not to be named said, "I wonder if the person offering weapons to commit terror acts in America was of Arab or Pakistani descent, would the FBI ignore him for a whole month?"

Hussam Ayloush, executive director of CAIR-LA commended the Irvine community for their principled and prompt action in reporting this suspicious incident.

"American Muslims will continue to be the first line of defense against those who wish to misuse the peaceful religion of Islam to cause harm to our country," he said.

Ayloush urged the FBI to expedite the investigation of this person in order to put the community at ease as to the real motives of this person.

"Allowing this person to continue to harass the community and those who reported him, as many have reported to our office, sends a wrong message to those who witness such suspicious behavior and wish to report it in the future," he added.

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