U.S. buys Australian convert - gives him "Just-Us"

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 (More: Justice for Just-Us! Australian convert to Islam - Sold to U.S.?)
"We're All Ratbags Now!"

Kangaroo Court for a Kangaroo Skinner - by Zbignew Zingh

Australians livid over convert to Islam being "sold" to U.S! After 5 years in prison camp - all charges dropped - but now new charge is invented:
"Material Support For Terrorism"(?)

David Hicks is a 31-year-old Australian convert to Islam who was "captured" by US forces in Afghanistan. Actually, he was “sold” by warlord bounty hunters to the American military.

Mr. Hicks has rotted in the prison at Guantanamo Bay for five years without charge, without trial and without conviction. Until recently, Australia's conservative prime minister, John Howard, was content to leave his compatriot to rot in an American prison camp. 

Now, the Australian people are up in arms . . . livid at the US and livid at their own prime minister because Mr. Hicks' case has taken so incredibly long to resolve.

Australians are livid because Mr. Hicks' military defense counsel, including Major Michael Mori, Mr. Hicks' family and a determined campaign by Australian activists, have managed to put David Hicks in the Australian spotlight. 

In the beginning, the United States was prepared to try Mr. Hicks on charges of conspiracy, aiding the enemy and "attempted murder". However, when he was finally formally charged on March 2nd 2007, all of the original accusations were dismissed for lack of evidence... except for a new charge of providing "material support for terrorism".

This "crime" did not even exist when Hicks was "arrested" by the US in 2001. The charge was "invented" by Congress in 2006, five years after Mr. Hicks was sold by Afghan warlords as an “enemy combatant.” . . . .
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