US sees ‘Syria Terrorism”?

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US Terror in N Syria

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Does US See ‘Terrorist State” North Syria?

(Turkiye Source)

US forms terrorist party

Sözcü (newspaper in Türkiye)

Washington claims 70,000 Kurdish mercenaries from PKK (Kurdish Workers Party) and its Syrian group, YPG (People’s Protection Units) will use them to start a Muslim “Terrorist State” in the south.

US says, “Real danger for Türkiye is not in Iraq but in North Syria. Arming, training SDF and paying salaries  from US. “American military” to establish independent Kurdish state, loyal to US.

US warns, August elections undermine unity of Syria and security of Türkiye. They say, US doesn’t want to hurt alliance with Türkiye, at same time will not give up plan for Kurdish state in Syria.

They continued, “If  Türkiye does not increase presence in North Syria, then problem will return, sometime in the year or next year.”

A “terrorist corridor” must be blocked from forming along their border, they say. They also stressed the autonomous Kurdish authority will follow up after elections, other steps to further separatist plans.

They continued, “Destabilization of the country and damage to political solutions will result by elections in Syria.”

Türkiye put out heavy diplomatic and security pressure to halt elections. Elections are temporally stopped, however Ankara, Türkiye’s capital does not want them at all.

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