Suicide Attacks (Again?)

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Suicide Attacks -
Why Is This News?

By Yusuf Estes, former National Muslim chaplain, United Nations Delegate World Peace Summit for Religious Leaders

The news media jumped all over the latest suicide attacks like a hungry dog on a newfound bone. Someone who gives up their life like this - is way beyond the western thinkers.

Why would anyone do such a thing? They must be demented or they were driven to it by fanatical fundamentalist clerics. Those are the only possible explanations.

And of course, they must be ISLAMIC TERRORISTS? Right? (wrong?)

What about the people who are innocent victims and they are also Muslims? Are they the terrorists?

The inability to fundamentally fathom the mindset of a population that has been systematically impoverished, displaced, brutalized, humiliated and lied to for several decades lies at the heart of the problem.

What the Western media doesn’t want you to know is what leads up to these attacks - What really leads up to these.

Why are these people willing to give their own lives? And lives of so many others? What is really going on here?

The following notion should be drummed into the heads of our politicos and their rabid Fundamentalist supporters:

If you give people nothing to live for, you give them a lot to die for.


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