Is Trinity (3=1) Real?

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How Does 3 = ONE?

There is no word “TRINITY” in the Bible! It was not taken out, because it never was never there.

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However, there are statements from churches, saying there is a “Trinity of One”. What does "trinity" really mean?. ..


Anybody who doubts it can use the concordance of the Bible (based on KJV) containing all the words of the Bible, their meanings and how they were used in context. You will not find the word “trinity”.   If anyone wants to argue, tell them to look in a concordance and try to find it. It’s not there.

TRINITY - How Does 3 equal ONE?

First, there is no word “TRINITY” in the Bible! It was not taken out, because it never was there. The idea never existed until the 4th century, after Jesus was taken up by Allah, 400 years later.

These ideas come from the people in the churches. They say the “Trinity is One”. What does "TRINITY" really mean? It's Latin, the language of the Roman Universal Church (catholic, means - "universal" in Greek) They translated the Bible to Latin in the fourth century (325 AD).

Prior to this event, Romans used to watch as Christians were atacked by lions, tigers and gladiators killing them in the amphitheaters. The Romans thought Christians were the cause of every public disaster. If the Tiber river rose high over city walls, if the Nile didn't send water over their fields, if it didn't rain, or earthquakes, famine, they cried, "Away with the Christians - to the lions." Any doubter can be shown this on Google. Now to our topic at hand.

The concordance of the Bible (King James Version) contains all the words of that Bible, along with meanings and how they were used in context. There is no word “trinity”. If someone argues, tell them, "Try to find it the concordance." It’s not there.

A New Testament book called an “Epistle,” meaning a letter — from “John”, not John the Baptist, not John the Gospeler. Just somebody named JOHN — We don't know who he was.

Anyway in chapter 5, verse 7, its ays; There are three that bear witness in heaven, the father, the son, and the spirit and these three are one .”


Bible scholars say this verse was added in the 13 hundreds. Nothing was ever like this before.  Someone took verse number 6, just before it and made it seem like it was there all along. This verse, #6, is still there, but it says “There are three that bear witness, the father, the spirit and the blood. And these three agree.”

It does not say, these three are one. It’s just a made-up verse.

    Reference is from F. F. Bruce a scholar of the Bible New Testament. 
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