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royce accepts Islam 2Royce Gracie ACCEPTS ISLAM ON DEEN SHOW

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Royce Gracie, a Brazilian martial artist came to Islam on The Deen Show, with *Eddie Redzovic. 

After posting support for the leader of Israel's military, Netanyaho, Gracie supprized everybody by accepting Islam on The Deen Show's public broadcast in Chicago and online.

gracie accepts IslamClick to Watch Him Accept Islam

Rocye Gracie bio

Gracie gained fame for his success in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He is a member of the Gracie jiu-jitsu family, a UFC Hall of Famer, and is considered one of the influential figures in the history of mixed martial arts. Wikipedia 

*Eddie started The Deen Show over 15 years ago, with Yusha Evans and Yusuf Estes, and is very successful.


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