7.2 Earthquake Hits Haiti

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2021 Haiti house in rubble SMHits Haiti Hard!

304 Dead - 1,000s Hurt

Hundreds Have Died in Haiti

1,800  Injured By 7.2 Earthquake

Saturday, August 14, 2021 7:21 PM EST

2021 Haiti leveled car

Over 304 Killed by this earthquake.

2021 Haiti store leveled

Hosptials are crowded to the limits.

2021 Haiti house in rubble

Buildings Flattened to the Ground 

2021 Haiti house demolished

People Trapped in the Rubble in Cities

2021 Haiti cycles

Many Are Missing.

2021 Haiti map points

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, told us in the last days there would be earthquakes in great numbers and great strength.

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