Delta Virus Spreading Fast

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Covid Variant

Sweeping U.S.

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Increase of COVID-19 cases was twice as many just in last 20 days in many states — Delta variant is pushing numbers up very fast. 4th of July weekend, family get-togethers and shopping malls are source of danger for many. Biggest jump in per capita, Las Vegas, Nevada saw 50% increase. Utah saw over 49%. Missouri, 46%. Arkansas, 43% and Louisiana, over 39%.


FIREWORKS sparked an explosion of new cases in Las Vegas and states where vaccination rates were behind the 70% goal set by medical experts for “herd immunity”. Over 200% increase in cases in last three weeks, all pushed up by the fast spread of delta variant of the virus. Again, lack of vaccinations, no social distancing and no masks, all contributing factors.


Night clubs opened up again with drinking, sheesha, cigarettes and close quarters, are the perfect combination to lower the immune system and pass the virus all around. Vacations, visits to friends and relatives, barber shops, salons and bars, along with folks not wearing masks, not keeping social distance and refusing to be vaccinated, along with this new, vicious variant, spell real trouble. Public health officials in Southern California are begging people there to follow the guidelines, do social distance and wear the masks even if they got the vaccine.



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