300,000 Covid Deaths+ 3,000 Daily in Brazil

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Covid Deaths 125 Hourly
brazil covid deaths 300K 2
3,000+ Every Day in Brazil
Conspiracy Theories and
Political Rhetoric Blamed

Islam Newsroom Update - March 28, 2021 "Brazil Facing 300,000 Deaths, Going Up 3,000 Daily"

Brazil Beach 2021 No Masks No SD


mass graves Brazil 2Brazil Beaches - TODAY March 28, 2021

Brazil's Covid Deaths Now Reach 125 Per Hour! Total — Already Over 300,000+ And Going Up 3,000 Every Day!

Brazil beach 2021

Torrent of Covid-19 patients storming hospitals — All ages! Much sicker and much younger, every day.

mass graves after mass copy

Crisis grows stronger as highly contagious variant of the virus floods the country while conspiracy theories and political wars spread faster than the virus.

Brazil world cup fans2Huge Futbol Crowds in Brazil (no social distancing? see any masks?)

Executive director of DWB (Doctors Without Borders) in Brazil told reporters, “We have never seen a failure of this magnitude in any health system”, and “We don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel”.

Brazil masks on at grave yard ALL WEARING THE MASK

Brazil mask time

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