Muslim Visits Masjid - Gets Covid-19

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Muslim Gets Covid-19
After Visit to Masjid

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Islam Newsroom: Corvid-19 Update March 22, 2020

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All around the world, folks are worried about the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and the disease it carries, and the Muslims realize the dangers all too well. 

Last Friday after the Jummah salat (Islamic weekly prayer) in a local masjid (place of worship)  a Muslim tested positive for the Covid-19. 

Immediately, a Muslim sister posted the proper information (may Allah Reward her), warnings and steps to be taken by those who might possibly by infected while at the local masjid.

Here is an example (names and location deleted) of what anyone should do when exposed to the virus:

Jummah virus

 All of us, especially the believers should know the basics of how to prevent getting the virus, how to identify the signs, how to help those infected and more importantly - what this means in our relationship with Almighty God (Allah).

Are there special prayers for something like this? Do we know why this is happened around the world? What does Islam say for us to do?

These questions and more are answered online and on the air, nightly at 9 PM EST (6  PST) for Muslims everywhere by Islam Newsroom on Guide US TV


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