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Names of Muhammad sm

Names & Titles of
[peace be upon him]

Islam Newsroom - The Names, Titles and Honors of "Muhammad", peace be upon him.

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"Names of Muhammad"

[Prophet of Islam]

Muhammad ~ Often referenced with these titles or epithet by praise:

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He is also known by these names:

In Turkey and by Muslims of the Balkans, he is often called  Hazrat (Arabic: حضرت ḥadhrat; i.e. "His Presence/ Holiness") Muhammed, or "Peygamber Efendimiz" (Our messenger)[57] and in Iran, Central Asia and South Asia, he is often called Hazrat (Arabic: حضرت ḥadhrat; i.e. "His Presence/ Holiness") or Peyghambar (Persian: پيغمبر ‎ messenger, literally: "he who gives or delivers the message").

Islamic scholars strongly emphasized the need whenever and wherever the name of Muhammad is spoken or written either in Arabic or one's own language, for Muslims to conventionally follow his name by the honorific phrase "Peace Be Upon Him" (often abbreviated "PBUH", lit. "Blessings of Allah be upon Him with Peace") in English, or said majorly in the Arabic  / صلىالله عليهوسلم (ṣalla’Allahu ‘alayhi wa-sallam, acronymically transcribed as "SAWS"), as omitting the use of such acronyms is considered inappropriate.

The salawat, practice of invocations, say blessings and salutations upon Muhammad, is encouraged to Muslims by a well-known verse of the Quran. [58]


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