Ayesha Not 18 at Marriage! BIG MISTAKE

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Ayesha's Age NOT 18ayeshas age not 18

ISLAM NEWSROOM - "Ayesha's Age at Marriage to Muhammad, peace be upon him"

[Previously we enounctered an article taken from an Egyptian magazine, "Yawm Al-Sabai", dated October 16, 2008 only to discover a number of serious mistakes. Since then we learned the author does not follow traditional Islam. He rejects hadith and even authentic narrations from famous well-known companions and historians. He only relies on his own "reasoning" while rejecting authentic teachings from Islam. For this reason we have continued to examine and publish more authentic and reliable information to aid both the Muslims and non-Muslims in their search for understanding what the Shari'ah of Islam truly presents and offers to people through out the ages.

We apologize for delays in correcting this issue and ask for your prayers for him, the publishers and us, to all be rightly guided.

[signed: Yusuf Estes, senior editor for Islam Newsroom]


Aisha's Age At Marriage


By Islam Newsroom

Condemning, insulting and erroneous accusations being thrown against Muhammad, prophet of Islam in recent years by political, profitable and social media have caused undue amounts of grief, mistrust, confrontations and even deaths amongst Muslims and non-Muslims around the world. The age of Ayesha Bint Abi Bakr when she was offered in marriage to Muhammad Bin Abdullah (prophet of Islam, peace be upon him), is being used to manipulate, divide and exploit people around the world.

We realize there is no excuse for it to exist today nor continue in the future and something must be done immediately to bring resolution and reconciliation to all.

With this commitment in mind, Islam Newsroom, under the guidance of Estes Heritage Foundation, has accepted the task to research and study efforts by trusted scholars in Arabic and Islamic studies to determine and publish the results of their findings.

We can, with confidence, safely say, "The age of Aisha when she married Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was not, as some have supposed, to be a serious issue by people of the time, people who came after them even up until very recent times. Girls and boys have married, had children and even divorced all throughout Europe, America and around the entire world - as young as 4 and 5 years old! — YES. You can see examples on this website.

Careful research proves her own claims as to her age at the time of her marriage to the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. But there is more evidence offering proof and much more to learn about the treatment of women in Islam.

First, let us begin by mentioning the Quran and hadith (narrations and stories in Islam) have been gathered, collected and preserved in the original language (Arabic) for all to see, examine and study throughout the last 14 centuries. This is unlike any other religion or theology on earth.

Second, the narrations testifying to the age of Ayesha bint Abi Bakr are coming to us by way of Ayesha herself. She is the one telling us the stories of how, why and when it all took place.

And please note - She never mentioned a single complaint or negative emotion about her marriage, her married life nor her life as a Muslimah. 

The biography and specified dates contained in the reference books provide an important response to the hadith’ of Bukhari and confirms the daughter of Abu Bakr married at an acceptable age to the people of her time.

It has only been in the last few decades that anyone has even brought up the subject of age or even considered it to be a topic of discussion.

We should ask ourselves, "Why now?" Could this be due to the fact many young people have married at even younger ages all around the world, throughout the ages, ever since Adam and Eve?

The real focus of our research should include discovery of effects and results of events taking place and the positive or negative reactions of people on these occasions. That is most logical and makes the most sense.

We have clear statements coming from Ayesha clearly stating her condition, attitude and her age at the time of her marriage to prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. All of this is recorded in the Arabic language, testified to by known witnesses, confirmed and authenticated by experts in hadith and commented by thousands, if not literally millions of Muslim scholars, muftis and imams for over one thousand four hundred years.

Here are their comments and findings explained in simple English for all to know and share. According to all historical evidences the following is accepted and established about the life of Muhammad Ibn Abdullah, peace be upon him:

  1. Muhammad, peace be upon him, remained celibate until marriage at the age of 25 to his first wife, Khadijah Bint Khuwaylid who was then 40. They remained married until her death at 65
  2. Later, in his fifties and still missing his beloved Khadijah, Muhammad, peace be upon him, was encouraged to take another wife. He finally eventually married Sawda Bint Zam’a, remaining married to her until his death 13 years later.
  3. According to tribal condition in most of the world until very recently, leaders were expected and encouraged to marry from other tribes and nations, even having several wives, in order to establish good relations and mutual protection.
  4. Abu Bakr, the father of Ayesha, had offered his daughter in marriage to Muhammad, peace be upon him, on more than one occasion.

According to authentic narrations from Ayesha Bint Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with her, and confirmed by numerous reliable witnesses for more than a decade of marriage to Muhammad, peace be upon him, we know the following:

  1. Ayesha’s father, Abu Bakr was very happy to accept his daughter being married to his life-long best friend. However, he had already agreed to Ayesha’s engagement to Jubayr ibn Mut’im. Tribal customs and social traditions would not allow her father to break off the engagement for any reason. Jubayr’s own family broke it off themselves, due to their hatred of Islam, thus allowing for the engagement to the Prophet, peace be upon him.
  2. Arab women at that time were known to reach maturity much earlier than women from other areas and circumstances. This included psychological, emotional and physical development
  3. Although Muslims through the ages refer to Ayesha, may Allah be pleased with her, as “Mother of the Believers”, she actually never conceived.
  4. References to her age or any other personal matters had been openly discussed by both husband and wife to family and those closest to them, and this information has been passed down through the ages in the form of narratives (hadith).
  5. Ayesha was still a young lady at the time of being widowed, yet she never remarried and never showed any inclination or desire to do so
  6. She narrated over 2,200 hadith of the prophet, peace be upon him.
  7. Muslims from everywhere came to her for knowledge and understanding of family counseling in Islam and in particular any topics related to women’s matters.
  8. Ayesha’s age at marriage was never disputed, debated in her lifetime, nor even referred to as a topic of discussion by any of the companions nor those who followed after them.

Commentary from companions, followers and others also support the excellent character and beautiful relationship between both Muhammad, peace be upon him, and his wife, Ayesha.

Read for yourself:


  1. Ayesha's previous engagement to Jubayr ibn Mut'im, proves beyond doubt, the customs of the time and totally exonerates both her and Muhammad, peace be upon him, from any wrong doing according to the customs and traditions of the time.
  2. As she had no children, there is no evidence to even support the consummation of her marriage to Muhammad, peace be upon him, except for what has been recorded from the two of them.
  3. Ayesha's previous engagement to Jubayr ibn Mut'im, proves beyond doubt, the customs of the time and totally exonerates both her and Muhammad, peace be upon him, from any wrong doing according to the customs and traditions of the time.
  4. Finally, during her life, nor  by any proper authority, Muslim or non-Muslim, until recent times when we find people ready to abandon clear and authentic ahadith, to provide excuses for what they are not able to explain or to promote themselves as authorities of knowledge wherein they are not even qualified to sit as students.

Islam is preserved and kept in balance by the early, dedicated scholars and narrators of hadith. It is our obligation to carefully study, examine and learn from their lifelong efforts to safeguard our faith and practices for benefits to ourselves and future generations and to remember these righteous men and women in our prayers.

May Allah accept from them and us, and forgive any mistakes, Ameen.

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