ISLAM World's Biggest Religion

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ISLAM — #1 World’s Religion by 2025

10% Europeans Soon to Be Muslims

Islam To Increase By 73%

Christianity 35%, Hindus 34%, but others decreasing

Muslims to outnumber Christians, especially in Europe & U.K.

Pew Research Center reports — Islam

Growth 3 times faster than Christianity and #1 religion by in 8 to 10 years!

Report shows Muslims to be 10% of Europe in three decades.

 Muslims in U.K. and Europe are growing steadily in number

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 European Muslims Celebrate “Eid” festival after Ramadan (month of Fasting)

Reasons for Islam’s growth include:

  1. High Muslim birth rate
  2. Converts from other religions
  3. Other religions loosing members to atheism
  4. Celebrations are important to Muslims everywhere

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Muslim Boy Scouts of America Celebrate Jamboree

Muslim children and parents enjoy religious festivals along with national and other meaningful celebrations with others, like the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America, National Boys and Girls Clubs as well as YMCA activities, like swim meets and other sports.

  New Mosques (places of Islamic worship) for Muslims are in high demand

[image ]

 Muslims praying outside of special occasions when there is not enough room inside

 (note: big city buildings in the background)

Media attempts to portray Islam and Muslims as extreme and undesirable, but only helps raise awareness of Islam’s rational and simple approach to understand life in our world around us.

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  Muslims, Jews and Christians share many values, problems & relationships

Now Americans hold a more open mind toward Muslim views about life and happiness, especially following recent travel bans and other restrictions aimed at Muslim countries.

Women and men in Islam enjoy equal treatment in front of Allah

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 Education for Muslims Women - Is Always Encouraged by Quran & Sunnah

Muslim women get equal opportunities in education, marriage and in family decisions, according to the Quran and the examples of Muhammad, peace be upon him.

Rapid growth of Muslim population causes concern among some people about safe neighborhoods, and property values. However, statistics show Muslims neighborhoods world-wide are more far more safe, secure and increased property values are seen in former low rent districts after Muslim families relocate there to be close to schools, jobs and places of worship.

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Muslims around the world are from every race, color and nationality.

Only 10% of Muslims are Arab, while 90% of Muslims are from every other race and place around the world. Indonesians make up the largest majority of the world’s Muslims.

For more on Islam & Muslims:

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