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ISLAM NEWSROOM - "Trinity of God in Islam?"
Obviously, there is something wrong with this question - but how do you explain the 3 types of At-Tawheed to Christians?
How do we present At-Tawheed? (can we say monotheism?)
Many scholars present the concept of Islamic monotheism as being divided into three categories:
  • 1: Tawheed Al-Uluhiya
  • (oneness of God)
  • 2: Tawheed Al-Rububiya
  • (oneness of Lordship)
  • 3: Tawheed Asma was-Sifat
  • (oneness of Attributes or Characteristics)
These three combinations have been helpful for presenting the Muslim understanding of Who God is, and Who God isn't. 
Yet, the Quran itself does not present At-Tawheed in this manner, nor did our prophet, peace be upon him, nor his companions, may Allah have Mercy on them all.
Someone on Facebook asked the question, "What are the 3 types of Tawheed?"
This actually made me think about the Trinity in Christianity, and how they try to explain it.
We should always be careful explaining Islam to people, so that we don't overstep our limitations.
Dividing the subject of tawheed into three categories raises concern that Christians could consider our concept of At-Tawheed to be similar to their concept all the trinity.
Likewise, regarding the "99 Names of Allah" (Al-Asma was-Sifat), someone could say, "Christians only have three names of God (father, son, holy ghost) but you Muslims have 99."
This would really be a disaster.
Therefore, in any conversation or explanation about the Oneness of God, we should always present it along the way of our prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, and his companions.
Rather than dividing At-Tawheed into three categories, we could simply use what we find in Quran and Sunnah, inshallah.
For instance "ayatul kursie", (Quran 2:255) and surah Al-Ikhlass (Quran Chapter 112)
The tafseer ( deeper explanation) of these two airways send to help new Muslims gain understanding in easy and simple way.
Then when we refer to the various aspects of understanding At-Tawheed, use examples from Quran and hadith.
Instead of making it appear to an English speaking Christian as though we have three separate divisions or categories in our belief, they see one simple concept with beautiful facets, like a diamond.
This is just my humble suggestion on presenting At-Tawheed to non-Muslims, new Muslims and young Muslims especially in the English language.
Here's our website for ideas: 
Any suggestions or criticisms?

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