Quran But No Hadith?

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"Some will reject my sayings and say, 'We only take Quran' . . ", (taken from hadith of Muhammad, peace be upon him)

"A day will come when ignorant people are treated as scholars and scholars are treated as ignorant people." (taken from hadtih of Muhammad, peace be upon him).

No hadithREAD . . .       

Some Muslims say they believe in the Quran but, have doubts about hadeeth of prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. What about you?

What is "Hadith"? -- Hadith means: stories, narrations or sayings coming by way of oral or written transmission. These are the very fabric the Quran and sunnah are based on. Hadith of Quran are absolute without question on authenticity based on the chain of narrations and the content (all exactly the same, down to the very letter).

Sunnah is understood from hadith that are verified and proven to be authentic, from the lips of the prophet, peace be upon him, by eyewitnesses who were present and were Muslims.

Scholars of Islam tell us — “All Muslims must believe all authentic sayings from our beloved prophet Muhammad, (peace be upon him) to be absolutely true”.
           “Whoever doubts any authentic sayings of prophet Muhammad, (peace be upon him) or doubts it is revelation, is a non-believer, and has left Islam”.

Some doubt hadeeth being accurate or authentic because they think nothing was written down at the time of the prophet, peace be upon him.
However, this is not correct, as shown in the following statement of Abdullah ibn Amar, may Allah be pleased with him, who said:

           "I used to write down everything I heard from the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), because I wanted to memorize it.
           Quraysh told me not to do that and said, ‘Are you writing everything down that you hear? The Messenger of Allah is only a man who may speak when he is angry or happy’.
           So, I stopped writing things down, and I mentioned this to the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him).
           He pointed to his mouth and said:
           ’Write! By the One in Whose hand is my soul, nothing comes out of it (his mouth) but the truth’.
               — Reported by Abu Dawud, in al-Sunan, kitab al-Ilm, hadeeth no. 3161, see also Saheeh al-Jami, no. 1196

NO shariah

We need hadith to give deeper understandings and meanings of Quran, so we don't go astray listening to our own nafs (ego).

We ask Allah to protect us from the whispers of shayton and to give  us  strength of faith.
May Allah bless our Prophet Muhammad, ameen.


Whoever disbelieves in Muhammad, peace be upon him, has left the fiqh (understanding) of the din (way of Islam), and has actually helped take people away from the true light of Islam (surrender and obedience to God's Will in peace) into darkness of kufr (disbelief).

May Allah save us from that, ameen.

-- Yusuf Estes.

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