Saudi: Top of Happy Nations!

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KSA Top Happiest Nations

Saudi in Top Happiest
Countries Worldwide

ISLAM NEWSROOM: "Saudi Arabia Tied #2nd Place Win as Happiest Nation in the World"

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - Suprise everybody! Highest level of happiness is --- in the Muslim country of Saudi Arabia & they are tied with Fiji, both are at 82% of Happy folks. TOP PERCENT RANKING for HAPPY TIMES! (REALLY)

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According to Gallup International Independent Research poll, the Arab state and home of Mecca (Makkah) and Madinah
(two most holiest mosques in the world) has WON TIED AT 2nd PLACE - HAPPIEST NATIONS IN THE WHOLE WORLD!

Happy Time in KSA leftBut wait - There's MORE!

Saudi has also ranked #6 world wide for better economics on the planet!


Ranking #9 as top hopeful country with future in economy!

First position for happiest country went to Colombia! And the worst, most unhappy country? -- Iraq.

The Kingdom, along with Fiji, has the happiest people: 82%, Iraq 12%, Tunisia 7%; Greece 9%; Afghanistan 14% and Palestine 15% (guess "occupation" there doesn't mean "MORE JOBS" huh?)

Bangladesh, China, Nigeria, Fiji and Maghrib (Morocco) are on top for most hopefuls. But Italy is on the bottom.

68 countries were polled by WIN/Gallup International, interviewing many people in each nation.

Happiness International Index rated by percentage came out to be 85% of all people interviewed were very HAPPY in Columbia; Saudi Arabia and Fiji were tied for 2nd place at 82%; Azerbaijan came in next at 81%; followed by Vietnam at 80%.

Argentina occupies sixth place at 79 percent, with Panama following at 79 percent, Mexico at 76 percent, Ecuador at 75 percent, and China and Iceland at 74 percent each ranking 10th place.

Happiest: Columbia = 85%; Saudi Arabia & Fiji = 82%; Argentina & Panama = 79%; Mexico = 76%; Ecuador = 75%; China & Iceland = 74%.

Unhappiest: Palestine = 15%; Afghanistan = 14%; Greece = 9%; Tunisia = 7%; 

Happy Time in KSA rightThe economic index put Nigeria first at 61 percent in terms of people feeling good about their economic future, Bangladesh at 60 percent, China in third place at 53 percent, Pakistan at 50 percent, India at 44 percent, Morocco at 44 percent, Fiji at 39 percent and Saudi Arabia in ninth place at 32 percent, and Argentina in 10th place.

The countries least economically hopeful for this year were Argentina at 65 percent, Austria at 49 percent, Italy at 47 percent and Hong Kong at 45 percent.

The Gallup research revealed 66 percent of respondents around the world feel joy and happiness about their lives in 2015, while 23 percent of the respondents said their feelings crossed between happiness and not, while 10 percent indicated dissatisfaction with life. The number of people happy in 2015 went down by 4 percent from the previous year, which amounted to 70 percent.

The poll found that 45 percent of the world population is optimistic about the global economic outlook for the current year, the pessimists accounted for 22 percent, while 28 percent noted that the economy will maintain the same pace.

The overall outlook for the current year was optimistic at 54 percent, while over 16 percent said they were pessimistic about this year.

About 65,000 people from 68 countries around the world were questioned in this poll.

The president of WIN/Gallup International says, "2015 was tumultuous year for many across the globe, despite the world remains largely a happy place. Economic outlook for 2016 is up 3% compared to last year - in 45% of the world's population.

The poll divided the world into 3 areas: Prosperous (the G7); Emerging (G20 excluding the original G7) and Aspiring (other) nations.


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