ISLAMIC STATE’s attacks are attacks on Muslims, too!

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Kills Muslims, too!

 ISLAM NEWSROOM: "So-called 'Islamic State' Kills Muslims too!" 

1. So-called “ISLAMIC STATE”  did this! NOT the same as “Muslims.”

France’s Muslim population between 5,000,000 and 6,000,000 (May census) are targeted right along with other French citizens.

So-called “ISLAMIC STATE” operatives and “involved network” individuals total around fifteen hundred, who may have shown desire to leave for “controlled zones” of “ISLAMIC STATE JIHADIS”. 460 reached the region, but 210 came back (most likely disillusioned).

2. So-called “ISLAMIC STATE”  attacks everyone, everywhere - including Muslims.

Muslims were not spared in cosmopolitan and integrated places under attack. So-called “ISLAMIC STATE” terrorists could care less they were injuring and killing Muslims right along with everyone else.

3. France’s Muslims immediately spoke up against these (and other) attacks by “ISLAMIC STATE” terrorists.

Charlie Hebdo and HyperCacher grocery store attacks in January were clearly the work of antagonists and instigators were actually in direct opposition to Quran and Islamic teachings.

4. French Muslims are worried about violence.

Muslims worry about threats, attacks and violence against Muslim in coming days. Mosques and Muslim school children under attacks already and increasing even before Paris attacks.

In France this year, anyone who even looked like Northern African (all of Northern Africa are Muslims) have been slandered and even physically attacked.

5. Refugees did NOT cause the problem - They were the TARGET.

Refugees have already risked everything, even death while escaping terrorism in their home land.

Violence and fear these refugees are running from - are the very source of the terrorism we all fear.

The possibility that one out of thousands running to safe countries might be a terrorist posing as a refugee only adds to the serious threat these poor people experience in very strict investigations for identification by immigration authorities.

6. REAL MUSLIMS Joined Other Parisians to Provide Security, Protection and Shelter for Everyone

Many Parisians including Muslims, used hashtag #porteouverte offering shelter and protection for anyone stranded on the city streets, afraid or uncertain how to return in safety.

French civic spirit was demonstrated within Muslim hearts as well as Christians, Jews and other faiths.

France approaches regional elections next month (December). Question: “Will French leaders echo this spirit of openness to all French population, including Muslims?”


Or will they echo the likes of racism and prejudice, using so-called ISLAMIC STATE  rhetoric and propaganda to promote further division, while offering justification for more violence to already unstable “Jihadist” mentality?

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