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 "Another New website?"
Yes! Allahs Quran - Check it out at:
Great Site!  Share Islam .com

The dawah (call to Islam) has always been a focal point for Muslims throughout the centuries and today is no different, inshallah. But trying to share Islam with English speakers in the west has become particularlly difficult for Muslims for a number of reasons, not the least of which is lack of communication skills in the various English dialects (American, British, Canadian, New Zealand and Australia).

After visiting many of the Muslim and non-Muslim countries and giving shahahad (witnessing people entering into Islam) to thousands of people, Sheik Yusuf tells us it is really simple. When asked how it could be made simple for those who do not have the command of the English language or they do not know how to handle the attacks against Islam in simple terms.

Sheik Yusuf's new site takes into consideration many aspects of dawah and presents Islam in the most simple and direct terms while comparing without offending the inquiring seeker of truth. His expertise in audio/video and entertainment as well as his background as a music minister matched with his studies in Islam, shared with the efforts of many other Muslim brothers and sisters on the internet, bring forth a lovely, educational presentation about Islam and Muslims never before imagined. Al Hamdulillah. 

We have been visiting various places and organizations including the dawah centers, famous places and meetings with a number of well known personalities. All of them are equally enthused about the new websites with a big emphasis on the dawah.

Here is our chance to provide the correct message and the right way for the people to better understand and share this message of peace, submission and sincerity to Allah and His Book. Many have expressed a very sincere desire to offset the negativity being offered in the media around the western world to the extent they are making available English speaking representatives on television and in the other media who are properly informed of what has been going on within the Arab world to correct any mistakes and to show a better picture of future projections. 

The message we need give to the people is still simple today and the internet is the most excellent opportunity to share it with them.

Here it is again:

Consider the audio and video capabilities of the internet and places like Google and YouTube - and soon there will be inshallah. (Make dua for this one to be our next effort inshallah).

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