Will Smith & Muhammad Ali: FOR ISLAM

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Against Islam-O-phobia

ISLAM NEWSROOM - UPDATE January 23, 2015 9:00 A.M.

Will Smith (actor) and Muhammad Ali (boxer) speak out for Islam, Muslims and against "Islam-O-phobia"

(video on www.IslamYouTube.com)

Speak Out For Islam & Against Islam-O-phobia

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Many famous people, actors musicians, rappers, politicians and professionals
and (common people too) speak up for Muslims and Islam
Just like those you see here on www.ConvertsReverts.com

When someone speaks up for Islam and the Muslims, this is a good sign they may take shahadah as soon.

Not all people are ready for the truth and some are thinking about it seriously.

Leave a message for Will Smith and Muhammad Ali - Let others see what you say too!

They need to understand the tawheed and the absolute commitment to obey God on His terms and they must be informed of the five pillars of actions and six pillars of beliefs in Islam.

Encourage more people to read, think, dialog and share this great message and video.

Remember, not everyone is ready for Islam right away. It takes time and energy - but it's worth it to see someone wake up and understand the message of Al-Islam.

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