Qatar Celebrates National Day

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Qatar National Day
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Celebrated December 18



[translated from Arabic in Kuwait News]
QATAR NATIONAL DAY - Celebrated December 18
Dateline - Friday December 19, 2014 (1426 h.) Qatar Celebrates ‘National Day’
National Day of Qatar (Founder’s Day) Celebrates the memory of Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al Tahni (1826 to 1913) and serves as a reminder of Qatar’s determination and faith in a better tomorrow.
Qatar celebrates the State of Qatar on the eighteenth of December of each year, the anniversary of the national day commemorating the founder of the late Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani State (1826-1913), Qatar has become under his leadership entity organically and one together and countries united independent.
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It is like an annual check up for more achievements in various fields, which made it a modern and a leader in many fields, and an update of the approach established by the country's political traditions, Qatar began since the Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani assumed power after his father Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, and so on June 25, 2013, a new phase of construction and development firm foundations support the Father Amir, was launched by the Emir and his Government.
Qatar has witnessed a series of events and days luminous confirms day after day that access to difficult Summit But the most difficult is to stay on top, and even force the whole world to respect that position, it turned out.
Foreign Policy
Qatari relations - International Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Rumaihi assistant, said: "Since 1995, when Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani came to power, Qatar has crossed economic barriers that enabled it to obtain large economic resources have been invested in for good service rights society and the country and the development of the country and protect the homeland and the citizen through external successful investments, wide upgrading that has occurred in the field of Qatari gas industry, created power of the state and the world's source, an additional and important source of national income, and the wise policy of the State.
This has led to the investment of all this for the benefit of man and the people and the community and the national economy and the development of the country, according to a systematic and well thought out plans. "
He described Rumaihi Qatar's role in the international arena ¯ "very privileged that infused the state to respect the international community thanks to the wise policy Achtttha on Foreign Relations, both of the United Nations, international organizations and the level of the international community, or through its relations with the countries active and positive role in resolving the crisis and provide mediations and initiatives and aid to poor countries. "
He stressed that the political, economic, developmental and humanitarian work "make Qatar now occupy prominent status and play an influential and active role in all the arenas and all levels, as well as the achievements of the eye inside, do not miss it, and everyone's participation in the revival and development of their country."
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The Qatari diplomacy has achieved many successes in terms of Qatari visas for a number of countries in the world exemption through projects agreements to holders of passports diplomatic or special or both with 17 countries (Argentina, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Germany, Italy, Albania, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, China , Azerbaijan, Eritrea, Lebanon, Egypt, Switzerland, Indonesia, Burundi and Poland).
But in the field of investment Qatari investments in 2013 amounted to in the global markets about 78.5 billion riyals (21.565 billion US dollars), while the total overall Qatari investments abroad through In 2012, about 163.8 billion riyals ($ 45 billion, were distributed to a number of countries around the world, including Arab and foreign), while those investments were not in 2011, exceeding a value of $ 13 billion.
Characterized by Qatar's evolving relationship with the international community, and was able to over forty years past to achieve a lot of accomplishments that have made them a functioning state in achieving international peace and security, as well as its role and outstanding leadership in the pursuit of international development and global partnership in.
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Qatari Boats Resembling Ancient Water Craft for Tours
This may be summarized as the most important achievements of the State of Qatar in the field of international cooperation as follows:

First: to contribute to the solution armed conflict and the promotion of international peace and security, it can be noted in this regard to the most important achievements of the following:
- participation in the peacekeeping force set up by the United Nations in a number of areas of conflict in the world.
- Adopting "HOPE FOR" aimed to enhance the effectiveness and coordination of the use of the assets of the Military Defense Initiative and civil response to natural disasters, and through the establishment of an international center in Doha meaning of the province of the Middle East and Southwest Asia in order to coordinate efforts and optimal use of military and civilian assets in relief.

Second, to contribute actively to the achievement of the global partnership for development and promotion of international development aid in relation to assisting States developing to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, and can be referred to the most important national achievements in this area as follows:
- to provide aid and development assistance that about a hundred countries benefited from around the world, which centered in its entirety on health, education, water and sanitation sectors, as well as humanitarian aid linked to exceptional circumstances faced by some countries, such as natural disasters and armed conflicts.
- Create "your link" institution with a capital of $ 100 million, to address the growing crisis of unemployment among the young generation in the world, through the provision of job opportunities for young people, particularly women and the disadvantaged, has the organization to implement many of the initiatives and projects in some Arab countries such as Yemen, Morocco and Syria to address the widespread problem of unemployment in the mid-Arab youth.
- Create Education Foundation is above all in 2008 in order to protect and support the right to education located or threatened by crises, conflicts and wars areas. This institution has implemented many projects in Palestine, Iraq, and other countries.

Third, to sign many bilateral agreements with various countries around the world aimed at the promotion and protection of investments and avoidance of double taxation, and the promotion of bilateral trade and economic, cultural, political, scientific and development and technical cooperation relations and exchange of experiences.

Fourthly : hosting of many international conferences and international forums on Trade and Development.
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Pearl in Oyster [fountain] - Doha, Qatar
Crime Reduction
Chairman of the Supreme Council, said to eliminate Masoud Mohamed Amiri: "The achievements of the State of Qatar in recent years, making it occupies an important place at the regional and international levels and turn into a model in built development vision and strategy wise."
In the judicial field public prosecutor made during the recent period a quantum leap in the field of work, and through the adoption of the latest electronic systems that ensure business performance speed and was able to follow all of the files electronically in order to achieve high efficiency in completing the work and service auditors. I got recently on a number of accredited international certification in many areas, including the quality of financial and administrative affairs and information security standards.
It is noteworthy that the public prosecutor is an independent judicial body to balance the lawsuit on behalf of society and oversees the criminal investigation the enforcement of laws and jurisdiction without the other Move the criminal case and to embrace and move from other except in the circumstances set out in the law.
It also got the public prosecutor certificate (ISO 27001) in the information security of the body of international certification in the United Kingdom after the quality of the information management system followed by the prosecution with the standards set by "ISO Foundation Consensus "Global.
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Monument Resembling Arabic Qahwa (coffee) Pot - Doha, Qatar
Planning and Statistics
Minister of Development Planning and Statistics, Dr. Saleh bin Mohammed grows emphasized that "the successful developments experienced by the State of Qatar under the leadership of the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani is a continuation of the approach founder especially to His Highness personally oversaw the Qatar Vision 2030, which the State seeks to implement during the fifteen-year-old the next. "
He added: "the development and construction process witnessed by the state since the time of the founding and leading to economic and social major boom in the era of the Father Amir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, has made progress in all areas, he put his name Qatar in the ranks of developed countries."
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Night Scene on the Korniche - Doha, Qatar
In the realm of education, said the Minister of Education and Higher Education, Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Education, Dr. Mohammed bin Abdul Wahid Al Hammadi: "In the time that each side seeks to highlight the achievements and future plans in this delightful occasion, the Supreme Education Council finds itself in maintaining the legacy site grandparents and delivery system inherited and continuous values from generation to generation to our students in a variety of independent and private schools on the land of our beloved country. "
He added: "The quality of education we seek should not make us forget who we are, we diagonal people belong to the Arab Muslim nation, our history and our values , customs and traditions that we are proud of. "
He explained that the "deal honestly and transparently with the various parties to the educational process is what since taking the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in the belief that dealing sincere best way to overcome the difficulties and challenges, and the best tribute to the memory founding father done adopted."

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Day Scene on the Korniche - Doha, Qatar

Urban Planning
Minister of Municipality and Urban Planning Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani stressed that Qatar has achieved under the wise leadership quantum leaps in various fields, and has succeeded in achieving unprecedented achievements in various developmental, economic, political and sporting levels, which would make it, during a brief period of time, in the ranks of developed and leading countries of the world, its position locally, regionally and internationally, and has become occupies a prominent place can in no way be overcome in the political, economic and sports fields, and in the forums, and regional and international meetings. "
He said: "The ministry of various sectors and departments and municipalities, is aware of the size of the responsibilities and challenges that we face , As part of the government apparatus who works hard and private sector in order to achieve the wishes and aspirations of this holy people, to get all the services easily, and keep pace with modern methods of rapid development in the world today.
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New Airport in Doha, Qatar
Shura Council
In the legislative arena, the Shura Council has made many achievements during the second session of the forty for the period of the fifth month of November 2013 and until the sixth month of July. In relation to draft laws Shura Council has approved a draft law to issue anti-cyber crime law, also completed a bill for a law (system) Brands of the Gulf Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, and has approved. He also completed a project to organize charity law "approved" as well as a draft law amending some provisions of Law No. 26 of 2005 issuing of tenders and auctions law, and approved by the Council after the discussions, as well as a bill to exempt certain goods from customs duties "approved" as well as a bill to issue proceedings in family law matters where the Board approved after discussions on this bill. The Council also completed a draft law to exempt investors share non-Qataris in the profits of some companies and investment funds from the income tax "approved."
For Comprehensive Urban Plan for the State of Qatar and the proposal desire on building heights, the Council considered the Urban Plan and the proposal desire of the two and ended up raise a number of recommendations regarding them to the government esteemed ones recommendation to provide coastal areas with all the necessary services for the exercise of the relevant companies maritime activities and the speed of the construction of new petrol stations on the rapid expansion of streets, roads, and to instruct the Ministry of Interior (Traffic Department) work quickly to solve the problem of traffic jams and so on.
For the project key projects of the State for the fiscal year 2014-2015 budget, and after discussions the Board approved the draft budget and recommended on this occasion that the next budget projects include data and details of major projects contained therein.
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Night on the Korniche - Doha, Qatar
Security and defense field
As a defensive level, is considered the strength of domestic security, "Lakhwiya" security and protective of the State of Qatar shield thanks to the fullness of their trained and equipped and fitted with elements of the latest technology to meet the various security challenges as well as securing local, regional and international events organized by the state, such as conferences, festivals and sports tournaments.
In addition to This security tasks involved elements "Lakhwiya" in traffic management and facilitate the flow of traffic on the streets and adjust traffic and engagement with the civil defense department in extinguishing the fire and accident insurance sites and contribute to the rescue and search locally and externally efforts.
and achieved power "Lakhwiya" many achievements at the local level and external, which accounted for the holdings of experience and efficiency in controlling the security and rescue efforts in a number of accidents.
Regarding the most impressive achievements in the past year, Major Mohammed Shahwani said: "The training sessions Bilkhuya management achieved a lot over the past year, through the implementation Effective for plan and its strategy in the field of rehabilitation and training Among the rehabilitation and training of officers have been implementing the two first leaders, center and seven specialized courses and six courses in the development of management skills and three courses in the computer, as well as training courses for the training of non-commissioned officers and personnel, including six sessions inevitable and eight sessions specialist and four courses in the development of management skills and five sessions in the computer, as well as joint training, including courses ten joint sessions and role exercise common Lakhwiya along with rehabilitation and training of women's power sessions including Specialized cycle and two for the development of management skills and three courses in Computer addition to Academy of office sessions Lakhwiya including six specialized courses in French language as well as holding several workshops and meetings in the field of training and capacity building workshops. " "The total number of the training plan for the year 2013/2014 cycles of 64 course with a total of 1019 trainees reached trainees.

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Fanar [lighthouse] Dawah Center - Doha, Qatar

Qatari Professionals
And on the performance of the force in the framework of Qatar Vision 2030 said Maj Shahwani that "Qatar Vision 2030 based on the rehabilitation and construction of the national rights and that in the framework of this vision, and in line with management training courses and work force on the rehabilitation and training and capacity building of the human element Blkhuy¯a and abroad as the management vision itself The Excellence in locally and regionally in the management and performance of their environment and to provide training processions and sophisticated in the field of security and related fields for the rehabilitation and construction of the human element including develops ongoing development capabilities. "
Qatar Statistics
The State of Qatar in the second of December 2010, received the honor of hosting the 2022 World Cup Championship during the vote of the Executive Committee of the International Federation of Football "FIFA" at its headquarters in the Swiss city of Zurich.
The RPR Qatar's offer "better regulation" of the World Cup at all, where are all located The proposed stadiums for the tournament, just 60 kilometers from each other except for one pitch. The organizing committee has pledged to turn the construction of nine new stadiums and the renewal of the three other courts, which wowed the Executive Committee of the International Federation of Football to see the unique architecture of its kind, in addition to an ambitious plan aimed at harnessing the sun's rays energy and benefit from the recovery of the players and the public an environmentally friendly way.
Qatar has pledged to spend up to $ 70 billion to create and expand the network infrastructure to world-class, and despite the fact that most of the road network in the country has been built in the last ten years, however, the government pledged to spend $ 20 billion to expand that network until 2016 and includes this pledges construction of major new roads connecting the New Doha International Airport with all the country towns as well as a highway linking it to neighboring Bahrain by 2015.
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